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Happy Birthday to

Denise Bell Muehlberger
in Gardner, KS
Barb Martinek-Evans
in Goodyear, AZ!

Monday,  June  27,  2016


Reunion 2016
News & Information Center

Monday,  January  2,  2017

It's hard to believe it's been 30 years (and when we look in the mirror we might like to forget), but alas another milestone anniversary is upon us. The committee has plans in the works already and will be updating this section of the official site and Facebook page with all pertinent info, so be sure your official profile here is claimed & updated, and that you have already "liked" (registered on) our Facebook page. We are running paid campaigns to reach as many of you here and via Facebook as possible for maximum input and attendance. Our 20-year weekend reunion event was outstanding so if you enjoyed it you'll definitely like this one ...and if you missed it, here's your second chance!


Saturday, October 22 (evening):  Indoor/Outdoor Cocktail Soirée - Arrive at dusk and spend all night getting reacquainted with familiar faces while enjoying food, drink & music under the stars at a scenic Phoenix-area country club

Sunday, October 23 (mid-day):  Shuttle To Long Beach - Our own comfy & private chartered shuttle transports cruise guests and their luggage from Phoenix to Long Beach, CA (good time to relax and sleep off your hangover)

Sunday, October 23 (evening):  Hotel Check-in & Social - Guests arriving via shuttle or L.A.-area airports for the cruise convene at the haunted Queen Mary hotel where they'll meet for dinner and spend the night (if they dare) at our special group room rates

Monday, October 24 (afternoon):  Cruise Embarkation - All aboard the newly remodeled Carnival Inspiration to lose yourself and your troubles at sea on a 4-day all-inclusive celebration, including stops at Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico, with plenty of time at sea as well

Friday, October 28 (morning):  Return to Long Beach cruise terminal for disembarkation

Friday, October 28 (following disembarkation):  Guests return home as per their travel arrangements (including return shuttle if purchased round trip) with memories that will last a lifetime!

*More specific details and important information regarding each event will appear in sections below as the year progresses.

30-Year Reunion Cruise: Reserve Your Cabin(s)

IMPORTANT: Total rates shown are subject to increase after the Early Saver deadline. Deposits are fully refundable without penalty before, and final payment is due by, Aug. 1, 2016 to avoid a penalty fee. You may change the name of anyone else in your party before then without canceling the reservation itself.

Single Passengers If traveling alone you have a few options:

A) Reserve a cabin all to yourself at the supplemental price shown below

B) Find another single in the same situation ahead of time then book together (risking price increases if waiting after Feb. 26)

C) Put your deposit down on a cabin alone now to lock in the lowest rate and indicate in the special requests section upon deposit payment that you would like to be matched with another single in the group after booking.

Adjoining Cabin Requests: If you would like an adjoining cabin with another predetermined party you must specify this in the special requests section upon deposit payment.

Previous Carnival Cruise Line Customers: Be sure to indicate if you are a past Carnival passenger for any possible perks that may apply. If you don't know or remember your account number, you can indicate so in the special requests section upon deposit payment and an agent will try to locate it for you.

Current "Early Saver" Rates

(guaranteed thru the rest of winter only!)

*Rates shown include food, lodging, entertainment, port fees, taxes and even gratuities for 4 nights total (no other charges required)!

 Inside Cabin, 1 passenger total= $544.64              Ocean View Cabin, 1 passenger total = $634.64
 Inside Cabin, 2 passengers total = $681.28           Ocean View Cabin, 2 passengers total = $771.28
 Inside Cabin, 3 passengers total = $926.92           Ocean View Cabin, 3 passengers total = $1,016.92
 Inside Cabin, 4 passengers total = $1,172.56        Ocean View Cabin, 4 passengers total= $1,262.56
 Junior Suite, 1 passenger total = $1,214.64           Junior Suite, 2 passengers total = $1,351.28
 Grand Suite, 1 passenger total = $1,514.64           Grand Suite, 2 passengers total = $1,651.28

***IMPORTANT: Set Aside $150 before spring to lock in these low Early Saver rates!***

Poll Results: How much would you be willing to spend for a 4-night all-inclusive cruise?

We are looking into a group cruise out of L.A. the second half of October (the time that was most popular in our previous poll). If you want to make this happen, please be realistic and generous enough as to how much you are willing to spend. Be assured that we will be booking the lowest rate possible so VOTING A LOWER DOLLAR AMOUNT WILL NOT LOWER TICKET PRICES ANY FURTHER. In fact, IT MAY PREVENT US FROM HAVING THE CRUISE AT ALL. Results will be posted once we have 50 votes or more. Click the button below to vote now. You may only vote once so vote carefully.

*For those unable to make a cruise we will still be having a one-night evening event in the Phoenix area. Your vote here will not have any effect on that.

Poll Results: When this year should the event be held?

The first order of business is a poll to decide when the event(s) shall be held. We are tentatively looking at two back-to-back events to accommodate as many of your schedules and budgets as possible: a one night outdoor soirée at a resort hotel followed by a multi-day "escape". You will have the choice of attending either or both at different package prices, so keep in mind when you will be most free with days off available. Click the button below to vote now. You may select multiple options but may only vote once, so make your choice carefully. Stay tuned for the results and further info!

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Tuesday,  January  3,  2017

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Wednesday,  January  4,  2017

Your Official Profile THEN Photo: Submissions will only be accepted and posted if you are sending a yearbook photo from your senior year of high school (or the latest high school yearbook photo of yourself available) and if there is currently no THEN photo appearing on your profile, or if the one you are submitting is a later yearbook photo than the one that currently appears. All THEN photos will appear in grayscale on your profile.

Your Official Profile NOW Photo: Submissions must be that of a color photograph of yourself from the past three years and not obscured by sunglasses, hats, shade, poor lighting, etc. Photos must also be of a high enough resolution and/or close up enough for it to be cropped and zoomed as necessary. You may submit a NOW photo once per year if you wish to change or update it.


Here's To A Remarkable 20 Year Reunion!

Thursday,  January  5,  2017

Hey everyone...

I just have to say thank you so much for making our reunion weekend a huge success. We worked so hard and anticipated a great time, but often times great expectations fall short. I am so pleased to say that all the time, effort and money was well worth it and in my opinion nothing could have been better. The feeling I had is still with me personally and that kind of warmth and comfort is invaluable. I feel that this whole experience was one of the most rewarding emotional investments I have made as well as one of the best weekends I have had in a while -- I didn't want it to end!

And it really doesn't have to. Those who aren't local can still keep in touch here and we would also love to hear from those who were unable to attend. There is never a fee or any commercial advertising or business interest to use any part of this site. It is for us only, and anyone can contribute and let us know what is going on in their life by updating their profile, "now" photo, posting new photo links and keeping the message board active. It is great to see so many with links to their personal and business websites too. In addition, feel free to send someone your wishes when you see an upcoming birthday or a prayer that someone wants to share. My goal is to preserve this feeling which I have (along with many others I have heard from) and keep the sentiment alive on this site.

Again, many thanks and I promise to do my best to keep this site an inviting place for all of us. You are welcome to post upcoming planned events or smaller, unofficial get-togethers in any city in the message boards, so we don't have to wait for a big 10-year celebration or to purchase tickets when we want to catch up in person. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions, concerns or submissions regarding this site at any time. On behalf of myself and the reunion committee, we wish you many more memorable moments with your current families, friends & loved ones in the years ahead. Just remember that you also have a family waiting right here whenever you feel the need to reconnect or share, or maybe just escape the daily grind and step back in time to keep a part of your youth alive with those who lived it with you. In an age of uncertainty, it is a bond we share that will never go away, no matter where our lives lead us.


Steve Leuniz
Class Administrator


Friday,  January  6,  2017

”Rio” (Duran Duran): 1983

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Mon 12/20/2010 10:13 AM

  Billy Belford is Not Missing Stephen (Steve) Schieszer*

  Billy has two children, who have come th

Wed 11/3/2010 3:58 AM

  A Tragic Loss... Steve Leuniz*

  We are deeply saddened to report the los

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  Message mickey

  Happy early birthday Berta Gonzales Muse

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  She WAS on Facebook for like 2 days and

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  Anyone heard from Stacey Baker Elam?

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  SWEET!!!!! mickey

  It is so nice to know that even though w

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  Happy birthday Anne!!!!1 and an early HA

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  When Randall McDaniel strides to the pod

Fri 6/12/2009 6:35 PM

  Engagement Denise Bell*

  Getting married in September!!!!

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  Get together!!! Kaki Hunt Conner*

  We are getting together this Monday the

Fri 4/3/2009 4:06 PM

  Whats UP!!!! Stephanie Bayles Smith*

  I have been in contact with "some" and I

Mon 3/23/2009 12:44 AM

  Dana Hamilton Carol Barden Doroshuk

  Thanks for trying to help, Mickey. I do

Tue 12/30/2008 7:32 PM

  Photo change! Tim

  Steve, buddy! For the love of god, let u

Sun 12/7/2008 1:02 PM


Today's Featured Biography


Cameron (Cam) McCown*

Ok real profile here. If I have to write this just one more time I will go Nucking Futs.

I will be mostly skipping my college daze. It’s all a bit fuzzy and not getting any clearer with the years… They tell me I had a great time and I have some pictures. So I have that anyway.

I fortunately or unfortunately took the Bluto Blutarski (Animal House fame) route to graduation. 7 years, but alas, they were in no way down the drain. Ended up graduating from NAU in ’92. I believe it was more of an honorary thing really. “just get this guy the hell out of here” kind of deal. Hanging around with Vetter, Julie Cleveland/White and more peeps you would not know tends to extend any schedules one might have. Not to say that anyone could and would if given the chance say the same about me. But since I'm writing the story, it’s their fault. Timm, and Ronda actually graduated on time so I only saw them for a year or so. I think Gina Doubleday got her degree after about three weeks when she started teaching the proffesors. Thats my memory of it anyway, I could be wrong. Some might remember Scott Steele. Even he has attended parties at Sarah’s house. Another candle for the shrine please. By ‘91 when they graduated, we at the time (in our pickled minds anyway) owned Flagstaff. Had many bars where everyone knew our name. “Norm” had nothing on us. The MAD I at the time was home base. OWNED!!! I stayed another year to bug my professors some more and play some rugby. And of course get that piece of paper thingy saying but not actually proving I was really there.

So leaving NAU with my “ahem” degree… I was off to LA to once again terrorize the world. Hookin’ up with my partner in crime Rob Vetter once again. Got a J.O.B. working for Gallo Wine Company, schlepping wine across SoCal. Miserable stuff, that… So after the riots, fires, floods, mudslides and the Northridge Earthquake it was time for me to leave. I was living off of Sepulveda Blvd at the time up in the valley. About 1.5 miles from the epicenter. Had a large crack through my entire cliff dwelling they called an apartment. My brother called me from Minnesota and asked if it was time for me to get the hell out of there? Uh yup. LA was a bit too much of “the worst parts of the Bible” for me. I’ll catch the movie thank you.

While in Minnesota I was able to catch up with said, older brother Mark, who had been up to that point in my life, pretty limited on impacting me growing up. Unless you count more than a few bloody noses in pillow fights as quality time and of course buying us grain alcohol for the Mazatlan trip after graduation so we could get the chaperones hammered before we reached Nogo. Remember that?? Anyone?? Beuller?? Beuller??

Ok back on task here. Also my Step brothers and step sister were able to see me semi grown up. In age if not much else. Mark was 11 years older so… Oh and NO. I was not an Ooops!! child... That is what I was told and am going with it… Anyway, I got to play uncle. Raced sail boats as a hobby with my step brother Henry. Way kewl. Highly recommend it if you find yourself with the means. Attended Viking and Twins games as often as possible. I was in Heaven for a time.

Found gainful employment with Host Marriott running a full service fine dining restaurant… Did it… got bored and jumped ship to, at the time a hot and upcoming concept Boston Market. Opened stores and fixed broken ones that needed some tough love for about 3 years. Saw more money leaving the company than coming in and thought it would be a great idea to get out. They helped a bit on that part to be truthful. In the end I believe McDonalds’s bought them out.”sigh”

The folks weren’t getting any younger and were still out in Arizona. I lost my step father 2 years ago. He is in a better place. Diabetes is a terrible way to go if you do not take care of yourself. Walt was always smarter, he thought, than everyone else so… yeah, do the math. We did become best friends after our trials and tribulations of me being a teenager. I know some of you are looking at your kids going “oh God please no” “not like him, please”. The ole’ man got it right. We are all just animals until we reach the age of 30.

It was the more than obvious choice to get back to the LP.. Besides it was impossible to replace lifelong friends with new ones. Those guys and gals were mostly on the left coast anyhow, so off I went. Julie, Vetter, Rick Shassetz, Reese… and Kent Kuhler was back East finding his wife Diane at the time but he to in the end returned to death valley.

Promising myself I would never work in the restaurant biz again. I immediately helped open Alice Cooper’s Town in Downtown Phoenix. Yeah, see how this is going? Saw it being built while attending a D-Backs game. Walked in, nearly stepped on Alice “Vince” actually and a very small man as well. Spoke with the legend and his newly hired partner and GM. Told them straight faced “you need me”. AND THEY BOUGHT IT!! I was in.

It was the fastest year of my life. Met many amazing people in that short year. Even some heroes of mine I had as a kid. From all walks of fame, including music, sports, acting. Hell I even hung out with Circus folk. Trippy, to say the least.

But partying like a rock star is great when you’re 20. Not so much when your 30+. Like I mentioned before the hangover penalty goes up exponentially as you get older. Not that I need to tell some of you that. Those mornings/afternoons or next nights as they may have been were just brutal.. Trying to hang with the young’ins that worked for me was fun but after awhile it just gets sad really. It did come with benefits (I took full advantage, of course. Giggidy Giggidy) but I had to make the call to move on or just DIE!
Ok so from here on out any references to alcohol are strickly tongue and cheek.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The worst of times:
My brother was taken from my family and obviously his own, right around the time I left Cooper's Town. He was killed by his doctors during an angiogram. You DO NOT die from an angiogram. The technician running the Dye injector had a bad hair day or was recovering from a bender the night before. Unfortunately little miss “has the shakes” injected 2-4 cc’s of oxygen into his blood stream. It would be like running your car with water in the engine. Not to mention it eventually goes to the brain anyway. Game over. Oh? When this happens to you? You are awake and feeling it. Getting mad yet? I was. I won’t go into the details of the aftermath as it is ugly to the nth degree. I was a mess and due in large part to the help my friends who were either on the next plane to see me and my mom or if unable to do so, they were in my grill via phone making sure I didn’t drive into a telephone pole to see what it would be like. Wierd thoughts do cross your mind from time to time. It would have been much worse without them. I was just full of hate basically. That’s no way to go through life. Doctors, lawyers and the judicial system in general are not one of my loves. To say the fix was in is an understatement. Everyone got screwed 7 ways to Sunday. Especially my brother.

Ok so enough of that fun stuff. My transition from “wanna be” Rock and Roller to Hotel stiff began.
Starting over on the other side of my degree I got back into Hotels. Worked for Hilton Corp. until April 2006. Starting as a lowly sales manager then to a Director of Sales position and eventually ended up running a hotel as a GM in Albuquerque for a private franchise owner. Took all of the trials and errors that had accumulated in my travels and put the lessons learned into running that property. I would put that staff up against any in the biz the day I walked out the door for the last time.

So for the here and now and why I missed yet again another reunion? Through my buddy Mark Reese I was able to take a position with Kellogg, Brown and Root. (KBR) We are a DOD contractor that supports the military around the world. Thank you and much props to Dick Cheney… There are few companies in the world able to do such work on such a large scale. Halliburton, being one of them. KBR is a subsidiary of Halliburton.

I am located at Al Asad Air base in the Al Anbar province of western Iraq (New Texas) As we fondly describe it. My job as it is right now? Make sure our soldiers are taken care of in all the ways the military cannot. Food, shelter, infrastructure, roads maintenance of both combat and civilian vehicles just to name a few. I am mostly in the shelter portion but have contact with all other areas as well to some extent.

The long and short of it? KBR is a city builder. Whatever a city of say, 14,000 people like this one needs, KBR makes it happen. It’s amazing to watch. This place is a 24 hr construction site. Tradesmen and women from all over the world work on these sites. Many in harms way. Yeah they (we) get paid well but it’s not for everyone.

This former Saddam Air base, used at one time to launch chemical attacks against Iran and then the Iraqi Kurds is now in our hands sending these bastards to paradise as fast as possible. Oh and if anyone has any doubt? This whole freakin’ country is a WMD. The bacteria in the dirt alone here is a killer. Scratches do not heal. Don’t even ask about a real cut. All the single cell critters hear are extremely resilient to antibiotics. Hmm. Funny how that works. I wonder? Anyway my immune system is either getting stronger or being utterly destroyed. Time will tell. Will let you know if things start falling off.

Signed up for 1 year contract but can leave at any time. Won’t though. This is an adventure of a lifetime. Wouldn’t miss it. Everyday is new and amazing in its own dusty dirty way. We work 12 hour shifts, 12 on, 12 off. Our work weeks are 120 days long. No weekends. Basically everyday is a Monday until 6 days before you fly out on R&R. The clock I hear, comes to a complete standstill and it becomes the longest “true 7 day” week of your life. Then finally it’s Tuesday…. And so on. You have a minimum of 10 days for R&R. I can go anywhere in the world I want to go. If we spend any more than 35 days in the US of the calendar year of your contract (absolutely zero exceptions) you loose the ExPat status and forfeit all your tax benefits. I won’t get into the details here. If you know them? You know them. If you don’t? You don’t want to. It will just piss you off and make you a bitter person.

Will be working for 150 days straight the first time around. I am low person on the totem pole and it looks like everyone wants out of here in August. Think Phoenix and then add 20 degrees. What we don’t have in humidity we make up in higher digits. Highest I have seen so far is 116. We have had a bit of a cold front come through so we are at a brisk 101 at the moment for a high.

Taking Mom to Hawaii on the first one in September. She has put up and bailed me out of more crap than I warranted. She deserves this many times over. Has never been to the islands and that’s where she chose out of everywhere else imaginable. Been pretty much everywhere else so… Kauai, Princeville Resort here I come. I do plan on being in Phx. in January to get my real finances in order( I haven’t a clue) and to see hopefully all of you at some point. Looks like I will be making a stop in D.C. for my Niece’s wedding along the way. Henrys’daughter from above. Guy took me sailing and I will be at his daughters wedding damn it.... Nicest guy to call a friend and brother let me tell you. As the dates become more focused I will let those who give a damn know.

My end of contract R&R April/May 2007 will be to Scotland/Ireland where I will be sticking my head under a Guinness spigot for a week to 10 days. When in Ireland? Do as the Irish do, the saying goes I believe. Might have been Rome and Romans but I am taking creative license here. I of course being a Scottish Mc (prounounced Mik, sounds like “ick”) I can get away with it. I’m sure there will be pictures of castles and cloudy days and what not, along the way or could be me sitting on a green hilltop with my headphones on listening to Enya?? So probably not that.

Anyone in Europe at that time are more than welcome and in fact are invited to meet me in a pub if you so desire. Tell me that this would not be a great time?

Now somewhere along the line I may end up in Afghanistan with Reese. That was the original plan when he talked me into this nightmaaa…. I mean adventure.

For 2007 I plan on one trip back to the US. Probably to a Minnesota cabin on a big blue lake reading a good book, fishing, swimming or relaxing with a cold Hamm’s or Pabst Blue Ribbon.(It’s a Midwest thing). PBR if you really know what’s going on. Similar to Keystone and Keystone light in college. Oh you remember. The official sponsor of NAU inebriation.

Then a Europe trip either Eastern or Western. More intrigued with Eastern but I am finding out I know people in Western. The tide is turning on that a bit.
The final end of 2nd contract in April 2008 will be to either to Australia or New Zealand.
This is my chance to see the world and I plan on taking full advantage of this gift. I will be doing this until I am no longer
needed or banned anywhere outside the U.S.

So that is me pretty much since ’86 with some fuzzy years of college in between.
No marriage, no kids… just livin’ and having some fun along the way. I am the funny weird uncle to my friend’s kids so what could be a better job than that? I get them at their best wind them up and hand them off to mommy and daddy at their worst.


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