Why Classreport.org?

Classreport.org is a non-commercial web platform for high school classes, high schools, school districts and alumni associations for building a complete history and permanent online presence for their specific communities.

Classreport.org is operated by volunteers from your class, your school, school district or alumni association.

Classreport.org is not selling anything. There are no memberships. There is no advertising. There are no user fees. There are no contracts or commitments.

Classreport.org has already created over a million individual class websites. Your class page and school page are probably already online and active on the Classreport.org platform. We are committed to creating histories, and providing online resources for your class and your school whether you choose to use these resources or not. It is our pet project. It is our passion. It is our mission.

Classreport.org is both privately funded and user supported. Tim and Barb Davis personally cover all costs of operating and maintaining the Classreport.org network including software, hardware and infrastructure. They encourage users to share these operating costs by working toward self-funded status for their class page through voluntary contributions. All classes, schools, school districts and alumni associations remain permanently online and fully accessible to users regardless of contributions. Some enhanced features are made available to classes which are self-funded as an incentive to support this project. (Click Here to Chip In)

Classreport.org users are never solicited, and contact information is never sold or distributed. Contact information is available for official class, school, school district or alumni association communications only.

Classreport.org provides a state-of-the-art platform which integrates seamlessly with hundreds of popular social networking sites, apps, add-ons, utilities and tools. A variety of content including photos, blogs, videos, music, calendars, documents, "bling" and more can be integrated into your class page.

Classreport.org is the model of simplicity. It can be as much or as little as you want in terms of page content and interactivity. Free-form HTML Blocks allow total creative control of your page. Anyone can manage a class page or an entire school. Simple, non-technical instructions allow even the most technophobic person to be fully involved in creating and maintaining an online presence.

Classreport.org includes a Facebook Profile utility enabling all user's to create a live link between their Facebook profile and their Classreport profile.

Classreport.org provides the tools for creating a full historical, and ongoing record of ALL your class members. Unlike social networking sites (Facebook, etc.), all class members are included in the history and total story of the class, including missing and deceased class members.

Classreport.org goes deeper than the individual class member's personal story. Each class member can post important family events including births, graduations, weddings, promotions, deaths and more. These family events become part of each persons historical record.

Classreport.org is class based (ex: Class of 2005) but with a larger school context including links to each class at the school as well as an overall school page with a class by class index.

Classreport.org works directly with High Schools, School Districts and Alumni Associations to provide integration and tools to benefit the goals of these larger entities. All at no cost, with no contract and no commitment.

Classreport.org provides the kind of online support we would like to receive. We get rave reviews on our responsiveness, timeliness, and "extra mile" approach to handling support requests (see Bravos).

Classreport.org offers a Class Administrator Forum, Admin Newsletter, FAQ's, Facebook and Twitter pages to provide additional support.