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Monday August 3, 2015


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"This is such a great idea. I will certainly be passing along your site to friends that went to our school and other schools that might be able to use this." 7/30/2015

" I think the Classreport website is GREAT! I wish I would have known about it sooner." 7/28/2015

"I really enjoy using this site and my class members are using it more and more as well. Thank you all for putting this together. I am making good use of the site's features every day." 7/25/2015

""Thanks" from everyone in our class for the classreport website!" 7/21/2015

"You folks are the best!" 7/19/2015

"The web site and services are awesome. It has been a long journey but we as a class finally arrived at a milestone. We will continue to use the site as a meeting place to exchange family news." 7/13/2015

"I enjoy reading about our class members and hope that the website outlasts me." 7/9/2015

"I am getting the hang of the website and having fun with it! Thank you for this wonderful resource!" 7/8/2015

"Just a brief, but heartfelt THANK YOU for enabling me to connect with my class members." 7/2/2015

"You two creative people have made such a strong contribution to togetherness for our class members. Instead of saying "somebody really ought to...", you did it! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love people who see a need for a service and fix it, and fix it you did!" 6/30/2015

"I don't know how we could keep up with all this information without your site." 6/27/2015

"Your website and tools have been invaluable for our reunion!!" 5/6/2015

"What a nice job you all have done with this. The pictures brought back fond memories of our youth, while growing up together." 5/1/2015

"You have a great site. We appreciate your stuff." 4/26/2015

"Great site to support the school reunions! I will be happy to update the page and spread the word!" 4/13/2015

"Love the ability to add radio stations to the website. I listen to it whenever I come to work on the page. Thanks." 4/1/2015

"Thank you for an easy-to-use website." 3/22/2015

"Thanks for your hard work on keeping this site operational." 3/3/2015

"I like your website a lot. Thank you for quick responses to all of my questions." 2/14/2015

"Thank you for creating and hosting such a great site!" 1/17/2015

"Good luck you guys are doing a great job." 1/7/2015

"Thank you so very much for this wonderful site to help people connect again." 12/4/2014

"I want to take this opportunity to let you know that my entire class and I enjoy your hosting. As class admin I have not gotten one single negative complaint. Keep up the good work, and again Thanks!!" 11/25/2014

"Most of the credit for our site goes to your Classreport capability. It really makes creating and maintaining a high school class website easy, even for someone who doesn't know much about html. I'm no expert by far but have learned a lot working on our class website. Thanks to you all for this great website capability." 11/22/2014

"Thanks so much for the website. You folks have rendered a wonderful service to high school graduates all over the world." 11/20/2014

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    Visits  Located  Class Administrator
2015 36  
2014 263  
2013 405  
2012 742 1  
2011 951  
2010 1447 2  
  2009 2228 2  
  2008 2602 3  
  2007 3119 1  
  2006 3769 3  
  2005 3905 9  Jenifer Busch
  2004 4330 14  
  2003 4102 10  
  2002 3811 20  John Hall
  2001 4059 14  Natasha Busch Mow
  2000 4086 12  
  1999 4972 44  
  1998 7384 88  Melissa Knopf
  1997 7812 48  Ian Gall
  1996 4786 30  
  1995 6050 28  
  1994 5320 20  
  1993 6405 26  Kristina Tremblay
  1992 7085 42  
  1991 10176 87  Deanna (Dee Dee) Heringer Carter
1990 12218 106  Erin Schulte
1989 25310 242  Marcy Copley/Moffett Moffett
1988 59621 349  Aimee Furssedon
1987 67813 407  Janice Gardner Bold
1986 93427 388  Christine Coll
1985 35736 347  Susan Bell
1984 18901 280  Amanda Diedrick Walters
  1983 7937 42  
  1982 8556 61  
  1981 11501 95  Kore Olson
1980 15087 160  Henriette Frederiksen
  1979 7205 60  
1978 11095 114  Dawn King Williams
1977 7428 31  
  1976 6332 37  Cathy Grozier Sajna
1975 6337 51  
  1974 5824 48  Laurie Lamb Gottenbos
  1973 5283 25  Paula Folkard Anderson
1972 6969 47  
  1971 4707 14  
  1970 5002 11  
  1969 5542 19  
1968 5146 15  
  1967 4672 23  
  1966 4322 12  
  1965 5012 13  
1964 3550 7  
1963 3846 6  
1962 2982 3  
1961 2958 2  
1960 3129 2  
1959 3606 5  
1958 2470 1  
1957 3140 2  

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