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Tuesday May 3, 2016


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12th Anniversary

"I love your site. Keep up the great work!" 1/27/2016

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"This is awesome!" 1/12/2016

"This is such a great resource. Thank you!" 1/10/2016

"Thank you for your great customer service. I wish this technology was available back when we were planning our first reunions. We are looking forward to getting my wife's class page updated as well." 12/20/2015

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"This is such a great idea. I will certainly be passing along your site to friends that went to our school and other schools that might be able to use this." 7/30/2015

"I had a chance to present the Classreport website to some of our distinguished graduates and the vice-principal and librarian, they were impressed." 7/29/2015

"I think the Classreport website is GREAT! I wish I would have known about it sooner." 7/28/2015

"I really enjoy using this site and my class members are using it more and more as well. Thank you all for putting this together. I am making good use of the site's features every day." 7/25/2015

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    Visits  Located  Class Administrator
2015 188  
2014 341  
2013 855  
2012 1155  
2011 1503  
  2010 1838 3  
  2009 1507 2  
  2008 2061 2  
  2007 2600 7  Anthony Martinez
  2006 2891 8  
  2005 3424 19  
  2004 3856 14  
  2003 2945 10  
  2002 4284 42  
  2001 2912 17  Robert Ferguson
  2000 3478 17  
  1999 3468 30  
1998 4626 20  
  1997 4890 39  Caroline Perez
  1996 3582 33  
  1995 3745 17  
  1994 2801 10  
1993 2893 15  Rosalyn Earl
  1992 2518 9  
  1991 2466 11  
  1990 3143 32  John Hussey
  1989 3353 55  
  1988 3973 84  Mike Jensen
  1987 5045 34  Amy Harden Beatty
  1986 3334 33  Lisa McDaniel Stanton
  1985 3728 24  
  1984 2815 8  
  1983 3262 14  
  1982 3455 15  
  1981 3882 13  
  1980 3081 4  
  1979 4274 20  
  1978 4917 38  
1977 5645 28  
1976 9307 114  Kimberly Vallee Rowe
1975 23957 143  Willie Lipkin, Jr
1974 27803 143  Roni Marks
1973 41019 143  William Marks
1972 37149 118  Ron Carr
1971 23513 119  Pam Davidson Gasper
1970 17416 85  David Buehler
1969 11433 112  Cheryl McMullen Bequette
1968 11653 100  Leilani Brown Baudoin
1967 12483 106  Pam Jolissaint Delaune
1966 11619 102  
1965 12875 116  Pamela Hurlburt Harris

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