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Thursday August 25, 2016


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12th Anniversary

"Your website has been awesome to work with. It made our reunion planning and execution much easier to handle." 6/24/2016

"I have been the co-chair of the reunion for many years and am just now coming across your site. I appreciate the time you have put into this and I am sure this will help our reunion to be very successful." 6/23/2016

"Thank you all so much! Coming up on our reunion, I continue to get many compliments from class members on the website. If they only knew who the real guru's behind it are. I truly couldn't get by without you and we appreciate all that you do for us." 6/20/2016

"I so appreciate and I extend my gratefulness for your efforts. Best regards and good wishes!" 6/13/2016

"I am most appreciative of the site and your support, which far exceeds anything else out there. Many thanks for what you all have done. We are well on our way for our upcoming reunion!" 6/11/2016

"I am so impressed with the Office portion of the website and the wonderful way the information here keeps us all connected. Thank you to the whole Classreport staff for following your dreams and making this possible for so many high school reunion groups to keep in touch. We are happy to support your cause with thankfulness and gratefulness for such a helpful tool. Thank you for all that you do!" 6/10/2016

"I love your site. At my age it is hard putting names and faces together and your site makes it easier than the others. Keep up the good work." 6/6/2016

"What a great website you have!! Our reunion was the best ever because of you and we expect many more at the next one due to the outstanding success of the site! Thx so much!!" 6/4/2016

"This site has helped my class members and I connect with each other that otherwise would not have been possible. We are already starting to plan our next Reunion. Thank you for this website." 5/28/2016

"Thank you for your response to my questions. I appreciate your very kind response and I am very happy with Classreport." 5/20/2016

"Your site works well - easy to navigate and update. Thanks for this service." 5/20/2016

"Thanks Classreport and thanks to our class for sustaining such a great site." 5/14/2016

"The effort you make to keep this site free from ads and intrusive information is greatly appreciated. I prefer your website over the others out there. Keep up the great work." 5/12/2016

"Nice site!" 5/6/2016

"Here is a very big thank you for all that you do at Classreport!" 5/2/2016

"It's amazing to me how we can all stay connected through this. Thank You." 5/1/2016

"Thanks for putting together great websites for alums to enjoy. Great job!!" 4/28/2016

"You have good information here and the administrator page is a good source of info." 4/7/2016

"You guys are great!" 3/25/2016

"Thank You!! Keep up the good work - is awesome and such a great tool." 3/22/2016

"Thank you for your site. It is extremely helpful in so many ways!" 3/18/2016

"Best wishes to the website. I think what you are doing is terrific." 3/2/2016

"Thank you for all the wonderful class news on this page. Keep up the great work." 2/23/2016

"I love your site. Keep up the great work!" 1/27/2016

"I've really enjoyed reading updates on the website and hearing so many of my class members are doing so well." 1/20/2016

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    Visits  Located  Class Administrator
2016 31  
2015 182  
2014 361  
2013 508  
2012 805  
2011 977 1  
  2010 1193 3  
  2009 1417 1  
  2008 1865 14  Anne Palmasani
  2007 2026 2  
  2006 2361 10  
  2005 2207 1  
  2004 2476 21  
  2003 5049 82  Jenni Schwoerer
  2002 2911 28  Marquita Rose
  2001 2387 4  
  2000 4344 33  Lakeisha Roberson Robinson
  1999 6503 106  Stephanie Avitia Pridgen
  1998 3849 36  Brook Raffield Simmons
1997 7245 65  Logan Whitehead
1996 13217 165  Andrew Telker
  1995 3078 11  
  1994 3570 30  
1993 11218 191  
  1992 4058 33  
  1991 2849 12  
  1990 4187 28  
  1989 4953 42  Sonya Barber Vaverek
1988 11830 124  Dennis Tomlin
1987 24581 267  Beverly Turner Austin
1986 37627 290  Michael Woodruff
  1985 3974 19  
  1984 4002 66  Monica Trahan Dobbel
1983 5317 27  
1982 25630 308  Sara Qualls Parent
1981 9309 118  Susan Davis Holcomb
1980 4509 31  
1979 8483 212  Kerin Moore Shue
1978 22780 360  Sandy Kincaid Floyd
1977 50256 420  Pam McCusker
1976 24912 275  Karla Patterson (Mitchell)
1975 24112 267  Kathy Boyd
1974 6711 56  
1973 9619 85  Phyllis Crooms Forrest
1972 5884 34  
1971 12571 276  Jeffery Anderson
1970 25687 322  Wanda Swearingen Icenogle
  1969 6110 31  
1968 27715 307  Ginny Loftin Brock
1967 21000 299  Barbara Wesley
  1966 5276 17  
1965 4460 14  Gayle Blair Marshall
1964 7292 30  

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