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Saturday February 28, 2015


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"Thank you so very much for this wonderful site to help people connect again." 12/4/2014

"I want to take this opportunity to let you know that my entire class and I enjoy your hosting. As class admin I have not gotten one single negative complaint. Keep up the good work, and again Thanks!!" 11/25/2014

"Most of the credit for our site goes to your Classreport capability. It really makes creating and maintaining a high school class website easy, even for someone who doesn't know much about html. I'm no expert by far but have learned a lot working on our class website. Thanks to you all for this great website capability." 11/22/2014

"Thanks so much for the website. You folks have rendered a wonderful service to high school graduates all over the world." 11/20/2014

"Love the site!" 11/16/2014

"I must send you a HUGE thank-you for all the different things we are able to do with the tools you have provided. I was able to print out the name tags with pictures on them - big hit! Downloaded a memory book to flash drives and gave out at the reunion. Very easy to work with everything on this website. THANK YOU!" 11/13/2014

"Great Site!!! Thank You!!!" 11/12/2014

"I like the website and I think the committee for our class did a wonderful job setting it up." 11/7/2014

"Thanks to your wonderful site, we had a truly great turnout for our Reunion! This site has been a terrific help!" 11/6/2014

"You all do a tremendous job of keeping our websites running smoothly and making our jobs much easier with this awesome service!" 11/4/2014

"Thank you for this wonderful web site. It is certainly a lot of help in preparing for reunions, corresponding, etc." 10/28/2014

"You guys do a great job. Thanks." 10/20/2014

"Keep up this awesome site. It helped me connect to so many folks. Kudos to you!" 10/12/2014

"Had a ball looking at the site." 10/11/2014

"Outstanding product/service. Thanks for all that you do!" 10/6/2014

"Your organization helped make our reunion a huge success." 10/6/2014

"This site is greatly appreciated." 10/6/2014

"Thank you for having such a fantastic website." 9/24/2014

" I really appreciate this website and started using it several years ago. Recently I finished uploading all 500+ class pictures. We are having our reunion this year and there has been an increase in Alumni signing into the website." 9/24/2014

" I marvel on how well you have laid out the structure of this site to display so much information and provide the input for it. There are not enough compliments for you and your staff." 9/8/2014

"I want to thank you for this wonderful site. We enjoy and appreciate it." 8/20/2014

"We had our reunion last night and what a success. Thanks to your site it made things very easy for me since I was on my own in putting this together! I will be promoting your site to other classes as well." 8/17/2014

"I have to tell you that I LOVE your site! I have used it to plan several reunions now and I so appreciate your efforts and support. Thanks so much!" 7/9/2014

"This is the supreme class reunion program out there. Those other sites charge you for almost everything you use or research. My advice to all the classes out there - give yourself a break including your wallet, and do the organization yourself with the fine help of this awesome program. Classreport is the Epic Smart way to manage your class activities and reunions. We consider this program as a legacy to our classes." 5/22/2014

"Without this top-drawer of a web site, keeping up-to-date on activities of fellow alums would be absolutely impossible…THANK YOU to all who are keeping it going!" 5/15/2014

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    Visits  Located  Class Administrator
2014 106  
2013 293  
2012 531  
2011 726 1  
2010 915 2  
  2009 1125 1  
  2008 1563 14  Anne Palmasani
  2007 1831 2  
  2006 1985 10  
  2005 1871 1  
  2004 2176 21  
  2003 4570 82  Jenni Schwoerer
  2002 2518 26  Marquita Rose
  2001 2059 4  
  2000 3965 32  
  1999 5935 106  Stephanie Avitia Pridgen
  1998 3306 36  Brook Raffield Simmons
1997 6534 65  Logan Whitehead
1996 12151 163  Andrew Telker
  1995 2601 10  
  1994 3116 30  
1993 9962 190  
  1992 3586 33  
  1991 2385 11  
  1990 3731 27  
  1989 4257 39  Sonya Barber Vaverek
1988 10750 124  Dennis Tomlin
1987 23199 267  Beverlie Turner Scott
1986 33226 282  Michael Woodruff
  1985 3481 19  
  1984 3410 65  Monica Trahan Dobbel
1983 4613 27  
1982 23841 306  Sara Qualls Parent
1981 8227 115  Susan Davis Holcomb
1980 3815 29  
1979 7572 212  Kerin Moore Shue
1978 20258 357  Sandy Kincaid Floyd
1977 45170 436  Pam McCusker
1976 20582 271  Donnie Beard
1975 21739 273  Kathy Boyd
1974 5835 54  
1973 8382 85  Phyllis Crooms Forrest
1972 5011 31  
1971 10953 272  Jeffery Anderson
1970 20951 320  Wanda Swearingen Icenogle
  1969 5238 30  
1968 25403 312  Ginny Loftin Brock
1967 18087 284  Barbara Wesley
  1966 4149 15  
  1965 3572 13  Gayle Blair Marshall
1964 5983 28  

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