SHS Southern High School
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Wednesday January 20, 2021

When will we see each other again? . . . Let's have an event!

A 2019 Welcome to SHS Class of 1961

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Purple lockers and colorful banners brighten the SHS first floor Hall of Fame wall as we finish our tour near the school's front office. Scroll down to camera icons for more photos from all of our reunion activities.

Most celebrants in town for our Saturday night reunion headed out to the spacious home of Richard and Marcella Brooks for laughs, hugs, reminiscing and food, food, food provided by the Louisville classmates. Scroll down to camera icon to see 100 more shots!

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60 Year Reunion Announcement!

SHS Class of 1961 60th Reunion
(totally speculative).

Saturday,  August  14,  2021  -  6:00 pm

Locale yet to be determined  

While Walter Longacre peruses the 200-page photo directory of the SHS Class of 1961, Keata (Hogan) Longacre (center) and Barbara Ann (Denzik) Martin, both styling in holiday attire, chat at our class holiday party.

Click here for our photo essay from the SHS 1961
Christmas party at the Brooks residence.

Gal pals embracing again after a half century. Hugs and smiles, laughter and tears of joy were the order of the day in the Southern High cafeteria, right where much of our high school social lives first took root. That's where our SHS Class of 1961 reunion activities began -- with a school tour.

Click here to see photos from our reunion tour of Southern!

In the Auditorium on Our Friday Tour of Southern High!
Thanks to Marcella for the identifications!
Click photo to enlarge and see the names.

While some gathered in the big tent in the yard at the Brooks party Friday night, others sat on the second floor deck, and still more listened to a guitar player at poolside, a big hit back in the kitchen was a bucket of school photos brought by Linda (Basham) Morton, left. Next to Linda is Jeanie (Ott) Buehner. Seated is Ann (Esarey) Smith and hostess Marcella (Riggs) Brooks is at right. To see lots more photos," click here.

Click here to see photos from Richard and Marcella's
Friday, Aug. 19, 2011, party at their home.

Click here to see
our Saturday evening at Wildwood Country Club.

What a production! After our big reunion, between dance floor lighting and camera flashes, we'll all be seeing spots for a while. Spying folks we had not laid eyes on in a half century, we grinned and hugged, laughed and renewed friendships.

A time to see and to be seen. Saturday evening at Wildwood Country Club was quite a production. Yes, we have hundreds of photos, crowd shots and close-ups, mood shots and details, all punctuated with smiles amid the good times.

These classmates celebrated with us.

Georgia Allen Hurst - Joe Hurst

Judy Allen Wilkerson - Ben Wilkerson

Linda Basham Morton - Donald Morton

Linda Bernard Moore - John Moore

Pat Blazanovich Shader - Bob Shader

Richard Brooks - Marcella Riggs Brooks

Carolyn Caudill Goodin - Buel Goodin 1956

Jan Coy Bischoff - Jim Bischoff 1960

Joe Crump - Carrie Enyard Crump

Teddy Daniels

Barbara Denzik Martin

Bill Dwinell - Sandra Dwinell

Robert (Bob) Emerson - Sheila Emerson

Anne Esarey Smith

Betty Faust Seacat

Emmajean Fortner Kunze - Jerry Kunze

Barbara Ann Forrester Fultz '60 - Jim Reed '60

Patrick Foster

Marsha Fulkerson Nelson - Bob Nelson

Patrick Doug Garmon - Lawren Just

William Goben - Mattie Goben

Bill Guest - Ellen Boyd Guest '62

Charlotte Hannold Williams

L.G. Heavrin - Louise Heavin

Sandy Herdt Potter - Mike Potter '60

Sonny Herdt - Mattie Herdt

Tommy Hibdon - Arnetta Hibdon

Twila Higdon Queener - Glen Queener

Mary Hodges Herndon - Dorris Herndon

Keata Hogan Longacre - Walter Longacre

Jerry Hogle - Mary Jane Hogle

Terry Hogle

Dina Jones Higdon - Bob Shelburne

Lynn Koch Wagner

Betty Kramer Mills - Guest

Brenda LaChapelle Blair - Larry Blair

Larry McKinley - Drucilla McKinley

Charlie Meek

Michael Miller - Susana Summers

David Morgan - Jo Ann Morgan

Jeanie Nall Hadley - Bill Hadley

Dan Nardi - Sandra Ouellette

Joyce Nichols Chumbley - Gil Chumbley

Jean Ott Buehner - Kevin Buehner

Linda Jo Ownbey Gollar - Corky Gollar

Fred Pape - Betty Pape

Mary Jo Pate Searcy
Jackie Peters Zabel

Sue Pike Calfee

Linda Preston Whitlock - Otis Hillman

Ray Price - Carol Price

Betty Probst Brown

Dennis Rapp

Steve Rapp

Jimmy Richey - Jenny Snyder Richey

Darlene Schuler 
Janice Sedoris - Don Harding

C. W. Seymour - Brook Bennett Seymour '62

Peggy Shepard Haise

Ina Smith Cook - Harold Smith

Floyd Spencer

Gary Steedly - Judy Steedly

Marion Stickler Reed

Carolyn Straub Casillo - James Casillo

Kenny Sublett

Mary Ann Thompson Haywood

Lana Turner Edwards

Donnie Warren - Norma Gail Warren
Edward Westmoreland - Cheri Westmoreland

Here's what Southern High School (8620 Preston Highway, 40219) looks like lately:
Hints: Hover your mouse over the movable photo below, then try moving around by clicking the arrows on the pale yellow directional line on street. To see full screen, click on the icon in extreme upper right. Try the gizmo in the upper left of screen, too. And if you get lost wandering too far down the street, hit the F5 key on your keyboard to refresh your screen.

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Event Contact: Mrs. Sandra (Herdt) Potter, (502) 239-9495

Make Checks Payable To: SHS Class of 1961
Mail Payment To: Mrs. Sandra Potter, 11605 Brentlinger Lane, Louisville, KY 40291


Class News

JoAnn (Cummings) Sinclair has passed away
JoAnn (Cummings) Sinclair On May 1, I received a very short email from George Sinclair (Southern High Class of 1960) with the sad news that his wife, JoAnn (Cummings) Sinclair (SHS 1961) . . .  Continued

Peggy Shepard Haise
Peggy is now in Glen Ridge Nursing Home on Calm River Way off Billtown Road doing therapy after her surgery. She is looking great, and just wants to be well enough to go home. She would love . . .  Continued

Patricia A. (Riggs) Strohmeier passed away
Patricia A. (Riggs) Strohmeier 73 passed away Monday, September 1, 2014. She was preceded in death by her husband Sherman Lee (Augie) Shrohmeier. She is survived by her three daughters, Dina . . .  Continued



Wondering what Southern High is like today?
Check out this "Southern Rocks" video from YouTube.


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Southern Majorettes

The Southern High Fight Song boasted “those Southern boys are hard to beat,” but the coed athletes, above and below, were quite a treat! The nimble-fingered, leggy majorettes marched with the band, the slim, trim drill team performed at halftime, and the bouncy, bubbly cheerleaders coaxed “Fight, team, fight” throughout the ball games. Since these gals were always “out front,” as teens we knew them by all by name. But if the past 50 years has dimmed your memory, we have a crib sheet: The enlargements are complete with maiden names.
Left click your mouse on photos to see enlargements.

Southern Cheerleaders


Southern Drill Team

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Our Wildwood Saturday Night

Our 50th reunion was at Wildwood Country Club and class vice president Gary Steedly was our master of ceremonies.


Anne Esarey Smith accompanied on the piano as we all joined in to sing the alma mater and the Southern fight song.


Peggy Shepard Haise, Jenny Snyder Richey and Marsha Fulkerson Nelson were among former SHS choir members. The gals led us in singing about "those Southern boys."


Floyd Spencer is one of the 68 alumni who attended. In all, counting guests and spouses, we had more than 120 in attendance. Floyd's favorite SHS memory is Mrs. Lee's English class.


Southern cheerleader Dina Jones Higdon is one of our more than two dozen Louisville area classmates who planned and coordinated our reunion events.


Pat Blazanovich Shader has three children, six grandchildren and one great grandchild!


Buel and Carolyn Caudill Goodin. Carolyn and Buel, who is a flower wholesaler, donated all of the beautiful table centerpieces and fresh-cut floral arrangements.


Richard Brooks finally has a moment to rest. Once a member of the SHS track and cross country teams, for months he has been on the run as point man for Marcella's many reunion planning activities.


We gotcha!

Oh, look! It's everyone! (just about)
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Southern High Faculty

Our Class Message Board

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   We have lost Carol Pittard Livers James (Jim) Reed [Class of 1960]

  It is difficult to post this: Emily Crou

Fri 4/28/2017 2:35 AM

  Talked to Carol Ann McCue Frost James (Jim) Reed [Class of 1960]

  Just had a long, interesting phone conv

Wed 3/29/2017 4:17 PM

   JoAnn (Cummings) Sinclair has passed away James (Jim) Reed [Class of 1960]

  JoAnn (Cummings) Sinclair On May 1, I r

Mon 5/2/2016 1:39 AM

  Walter Longacre passes away. James (Jim) Reed [Class of 1960]

  Walter Armstrong Longacre, 72, of Mt. Wa

Thu 1/7/2016 7:12 AM

  Paul W. Porter passes away Marcella

  Published in the Courier Journal: Paul W

Mon 9/15/2014 4:18 PM

  Paul Porter passes away Marcella

  Paul W. Porter passed away Tuesday, Sept

Sun 9/14/2014 7:05 PM

   Don Morton passes away James (Jim) Reed [Class of 1960]

  Our hearts are heavy for the Morton fami

Mon 4/14/2014 12:24 AM

  Birthday Kenny

  Charles Kenneth Robinson Kenny will be 7

Wed 4/9/2014 10:11 AM

  Donald Morton passes away Marcella

  One of our well-known classmates, Don Mo

Fri 4/4/2014 2:06 PM

  William (Bill) Edward Poston passes away Marcella

  William Edward Poston passed away Thursd

Wed 4/2/2014 3:30 PM

  Keith Thomas Passed Away Sally Allien Knoefel Wilkins

  Keith Thomas, Class of 1961, died Januar

Wed 2/19/2014 5:00 PM

  Richard Brooks' surgery Marcella

  We were first told that Richard's surger

Wed 1/29/2014 3:12 PM

  Richard Brooks' Surgery Marcella

  Richard had out-patient surgery today to

Thu 11/7/2013 12:05 AM

  Corky Haise notice in Louisville newspaper James (Jim) Reed [Class of 1960]

  Published in The Courier-Journal on Augu

Thu 8/29/2013 1:30 PM

  Corky Haise passes away James (Jim) Reed [Class of 1960]

  Those in the Southern High Class of 1961

Mon 8/26/2013 11:01 PM


Today's Featured Biography


Marcella "Mar" Riggs Brooks

Lived my whole life in Louisville, Kentucky. Born at home — not in a hospital — in the middle of the afternoon with no doctor there until after the fact. Third of six children of James A. and Mary L. Riggs. Attended eight years of grade school at St. Rita. I was a member of the 4-H, volleyball team, softball team, choir, school patrol, and intermediate cheerleader. My brothers, Melves and Joe, and I have always been very close. Mel always gave Dad the “scoop” on any and all of the guys that I dated. You know — like whether I should be allowed to date them or not.

Started school at Southern High in the ninth grade. Boy, did I think I was grown up. Little did I know then. Southern was on double sessions that year, and I had study hall last period. My teacher told me that I didn’t have to stay since I was a walker — someone who lived within a mile of school and had to walk to school. Naturally, I left early each day.

Because I was in the top 10 scholastically, I was awarded a partial scholarship to college. When Mr. Knight heard that I wasn’t going to college, he called me to his office to discuss the situation. I told him what my Dad had told me. He asked me to talk to him again. I really wanted to go to college at that time. I loved school. I was really sad when our last day of school at Southern was imminent. But my Dad was, at that time, what we call “old school.” Dad said that he could not afford to send all his children to college, and he felt that he should send his sons to college first. After all, men were supposed to support their wives, so they needed college more than I did. I would get married, and my husband would take care of me. Later in my life Dad apologized to me. He said that he should have helped me when I wanted to further my education.

I had taken several business classes in high school to prepare for a job after graduation. One of my business teachers, Mrs. Helen DeShazer, told me not to accept just any job. She gave me the name of a friend of hers and told me she would see that I would get a good paying job. I got a job at Federal Chemical Company as a secretary/bookkeeper. It did pay well as far as jobs at that time. I loved working as much as I did going to school. After I was on the job only one week, Bell South called and wanted me to come to work for them. I just did not feel that I could quit after just one week, so I stayed where I was working. I always wondered what life would have brought me if I had gone to Bell South.

One year later, I married Frank Parr. We had two children, Pamela and Gary. My children were my life. I took them almost everywhere I went. An aunt of mine once said, “I bet you even take them into the confessional with you.” I quit working after my daughter was born. I kept busy with my kids, doing crafts, crocheting, gardening, friends and family. I also did a lot of work at St. Jerome Church, part of which was typing cards for their library. I remember my mother saying, “If you are going to do all that work, you might as well get paid for it.” So I took a job as a math tutor for the Jefferson County School System. I did this for several years.

During my marriage with Frank, we purchased a horse. That got me hooked. Soon we got interested in registered quarter horses. I started showing in a contest class called “barrel racing.” In the late 1960s, along with three other women, I helped form the Kentucky Girls Barrel Racing Association. The top 10 riders in Kentucky each year would compete against at least six other states for a championship. Some of the states were Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and, of course, Kentucky. Of all the years that I competed, I was in the top 10 every year. Our marriage ended in the late 1970s. Divorce is always a bad time, especially with children involved.

Still, I wished that I had a college education. When my grandmother died, she left me a small amount of money — enough for a college class. I took that money and registered at Jefferson Community College. I don’t even know what class or classes I took. I had taken a full year of courses when someone from the school called to say that I had not taken the ACT test to enter. I had received an A in all 10 classes, but still the rules say you have to take the test. So I took the test. They let me stay in school. I received my grades from the University of Kentucky where I received my associate degree in accounting.

At that time, I was working for the Kentucky Peer Review Association as an accountant. We monitored doctors and reviewed complaints against them. The KPRA paid for my college after I started working there. Upon receiving my associate degree, my pay increased three thousand dollars a year. I did not do even one thing differently. I just had that associate degree. Still I wanted a BS degree. So I entered the University of Louisville. Kentucky Peer Review lost its bid to do the doctors reviews before I had attained my goal.

The president of the Presbyterian Church Association, who was a friend of my boss, offered me a job as their accountant. He was determined that I work for them. He could not understand my decision. He said I could still go part-time to school and work for them. We had several months before the new company would take over the reviews, so I was offered a large bonus to stay until the end. I took the bonus, went to school full-time, and finished my degree. It took me more than seven years to get both my associate and BS degree. During that time, I seldom got more than four hours sleep at night. Still it was worth it. I was a single mother of two, working at least 40 hours a week, and going to school part-time. I took at least three classes each semester, and one semester I took four classes. I also went to school during the summer.

Our 25th class reunion in 1986 was a turning point in my life. After the reunion, one of our classmates, Richard Brooks, asked me for a date. That started a real life change for me. I did not have much time for dating what with my children, work, playing team volleyball, and school, but he was very persistent. We married on April 24, 1988, during my finals before graduation at U of L. I only regret that my father did not get to see us married or see me graduate from U of L. He died of cancer in July of 1987.

Upon graduation, I got a job as accountant for Schenley Distillers and was later promoted to accounting supervisor. In 1990, I went to work for Alliant Health System (now Norton Hospital) as the accountant for the South End Medical Center. I did the accounting for the Center, at least 10 doctors, and for the pharmacy there. I still was doing the “same work,” but was paid a lot more. That piece of paper really does mean something!

We have had a whirlwind time since then. One dream of mine was to see the US — the whole US. As of today, 10 states are left. We both love to travel and have been on at least 18 cruises. We have visited islands in the eastern, western, and southern Caribbean. We have been through the Panama Canal, visited Costa Rica, Jamaica, the Mexican Riviera, Alaska, Hawaii, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, and Turkey. We also love just getting in the car and taking off, just driving anywhere the road seems to take us — whether it is for the day or overnight. Seems like we like islands since we have vacationed on Fripp Island, Hilton Head Island, Mackinac Island, and St. George Island. For the past several years, we have spent about two months during the winter in Florida.

A few years ago, I went with my daughter-in-law to Germany where she was taking a class. We often take our children and grandchildren on trips. For 13 years, we owned a condo in Hilton Head and enjoyed time with them there. A lot of time was spent there — fun times and work times.

Richard and I both play tennis. We belonged to the USTA for over 15 years and competed in Louisville, Lexington, Paducah, and Northern, Kentucky; Little Rock, Arkansas; Pensacola, Florida; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Columbia, South Carolina: and Mobile, Alabama. We have gone all the way to nationals with a team.

We have four children, three girls and one boy, nine grandchildren, six boys and three girls. Our daughter Amanda received her degree from UK and is a teacher for Jefferson County. Pamela received her optician license and is an optician for Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute. Gary received electrical and electronics degrees and works for Dana Corporation in Elizabethtown. Lisa graduated from U of L and works for Midwestern Insurance Company. Our grandchildren are the light of our life, and range in age from 13 to 27. We also have two great-granddaughters, and a great-grandson who are a joy to be around.
We have been active members at St. Gabriel Catholic Church for almost 28 years, and love working their picnic. We live in a combo “country club and museum.” We both love antiques and the hunt. While on our travels, we are constantly on the search for one of my 37 or so collections.

I am retired now but still spend time with family and friends, play tennis when I can, sew, quilt some, sculpt, crochet, knit, and decorate extensively at Christmas (20+ trees). We also have a chocolate Cocker Spaniel who is a Pet Therapy Dog that I take to nursing homes, hospitals, schools, Girl Scout camps, and an adult daycare center. I am the happiest when all our children, grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren are at our home or anywhere with us. We have made some great memories with all of them.

On August 15, 2012, we received another addition to our family. A great-grandson was born. And in 2013 our second great-granddaughter was born. Kids help keep us young--or do they make us realize how old we really are?


We need detective work.
We have yet to find a number of folks.
Maybe you can supply a lead.
Let's find our missing SHS 1961 classmates

Richard David Adams

Jeffrey Bilger

Nancy Lea (Byrd) Bundy

Charles Burnett

Jewell (Smith) Burress

Lynn Maureen Damon

Barry Dean Edwards

Edna M. (Parton) Edwards

Betty Gayle Hoskins

Carolyn Sue (Smith) Johnson

Delores Johnson

James Martin

Billy McBride

Sherman Edward McClaron

Sandra Rogers

Joyce (Ables) Schroeder

Linda (Latham) Sherard

William M. Smith

Keith Thomas

Sharon (Miller) Zielberg

Let's join forces to locate all of our classmates.

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 Death  John Eads wife,Paula, past away may 12 2020
 Posted by: Everett "Johnny" Eads


 Death  Carol Pittard Livers has passed away. It is diffi
 Posted by: James (Jim) Reed [Class of 1960]


 Death  Walter Armstrong Longacre, 72, of Mt. Washington f
 Posted by: James (Jim) Reed [Class of 1960]


 Death  Don Morton passes away. Our hearts are heavy fo
 Posted by: James (Jim) Reed [Class of 1960]


 Death  William (Bill) Edward Poston passed away Thursday,
 Posted by: Marcella "Mar" Riggs Brooks


 Anniversary  Kenneth and Sharon Robinson celebrated their 50 an
 Posted by: Charles Robinson


 Death  Corky Haise passes away Those in the Southern H
 Posted by: James (Jim) Reed [Class of 1960]




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Today's Featured Class Member Website

Virginia "Jenny" Sue Snyder Richey

Personal Website


Below are a few photos from our monthly planning meetings and our mailing session. Hint: Hover your mouse over the bottom right of the show and click on the square icon to display photos full screen!

We have distributed our class photo directory and the DVDs. The cover is shown above. Contact Barbara Ann Fultz to order your copy, and ask her about also getting the DVD slide shows with most of the photos from the reunion events and this web site!

Billy Guest has two sweethearts in the same photo: Ellen Boyd was a 14 year old freshman when an older guy, Billy, a 15 year old sophomore, asked her to the 1959 Sweetheart Dance in Southern’s cafeteria. "That was our first date," recalls Bill. "However, this snapshot was at Ellen’s house in 1961." They married in 1963 and have four sons and seven grandchildren. His other sweetie in the picture was "my ’56 Chevy. I was showing off the new metallic green, custom paint job. It had a Corvette cam, solid lifters and three deuces, in order to beat that ’57 Chevy at Cedar Creek Drag Strip. Share your own snapshots with all of us!

Before Southern, many of us attended Okolona Elementary.
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Beauty and the Beast:
Marsha Fulkerson borrows the rooftop sun deck
of Jenny Snyder's family pet, Sally.

Southerners Walter and Keata (Hogan) Longacre were married in 1963. They have two children, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. While they were in Indianapolis, they were really in the chips! Read about that in their biographies right here on our web site.

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