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18th Anniversary!
CJHS Corry Junior High School
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Wednesday July 28, 2021

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Welcome To The Corry Junior High School Class Of 1967 "Reunion" Website! ... The ONLY "Reunion" Website In Existence For A Junior High School! We hope you'll "join" us and - more importantly - share with us our committement to EXCELLENCE in everything we do!

A key ingredient to the success of our reunion/website is our classmates ... YOU! We Want/Need You! With that in mind the Most Important Thing We Need From You Is To Register ... it's FREE! Your FREE (website) registration comes with lots of "goodies" such as a Class Message Board, Class News, Family News Summary, Reviews, etc. In fact there's FREE promotion/exposure of your business (website) in our "Today's Featured Class Member Website" section! With your registration you'll also be able to RSVP for different events - such as our "Corry'67 Old Skool" Reunions - Please (Re)Visit Our Main Website!

You're either a CLASSMATE or GUEST! Unlike other "open social networks" such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space, etc - this website is "devoted" to our CLASSMATES and/or GUESTS that have a relationship/connection to Corry '67. However, at your personal profile page you can allow others to connect to your "social network" and/or business page(s)! Technology allows us all to be "connected!"

Initially, we've attempted to recall/remember classmates/guests from 1967 and have already listed a few names! All names (people) are considered "Missing" until Registered!

EVERYONE: Click Here To Register and follow the instructions! Your name is there or it isn't and you'll know what to do to REGISTER and update your profile! At a MINIMUM please provide a valid e-mail address and contact information. You control access/visibility of your profile information! If there are names that need/should be added to the website please e-mail them to me. We want to know/remember/honor "everyone" ... including (respectfully) those who are deceased.

We hope our website - www.Corry67.com becomes a "Single Source" for any/all things related to Corry '67! News, photographs, announcements, comments, guestbook entries ... this is YOUR website and we need you/all to make it the best it can be!

Stay tuned for future developments!


Greg :)

Disclaimer. The website/links at www.Corry67.com are not affiliated with, licensed by, or owned by the (former) Corry Middle School (Memphis, TN) or Shelby County Schools. www.Corry67.com is privately operated and does not make any representations, warrants or promises on behalf of the (former) Corry Middle School (Memphis, TN) or Shelby County Schools for any services or materials, nor is the website/links/information to be considered as an "agent" working for or on behalf of the (former) Corry Middle School (Memphis, TN) or Shelby County Schools. www.Corry67.com is a social website for past students of the (original) Corry Junior High School [formerly Corry Middle School], Memphis, TN and as such is not affiliated with any current Shelby County Schools students, teachers, staff or other employees thereof.

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Gregory Davis

My years at Corry ('64 - '67) were some of the best years for me growing up in Memphis! Before Corry it was Norris Elementary ('62 - '64) ... Before Norris Elementary it was Georgia Avenue Elementary ('59 - '62) ... Before Georgia Avenue Elementary it was Porter Elementary ('58 - '59) ... Before Porter Elementary it was Emanuel Episcopal Church (Kindergarten) growing up in Cleaborn Homes (among the first families) in the mid/late '50s! Those "seed" years planted in me some foundational principles that I took with me when I left Corry (our family moved cross town to East Memphis) where I attended Messick High School! ** Who knew that I would be among the FIRST African-Americans to graduate from Messick High School - 1970! It is what it is ...! :) Following Messick I did a year at Memphis State (University), joined the Air Force in September 1971 and experienced a wonderful and rewarding career having retired in 1997 ... 25 years, 9 months, 14 days!

I've been blessed to have traveled the world and have met (and still maintain relationships with) several wonderful people ... especially my Corry '67 "family!"

Formal Education: AS/BS/Graduate Studies - Telecommunications/Industrial Technology/IT/MIS ... blah, blah, blah! :)

My grandson Malachi - born in 2003 - has kept me "busy" from Pre-K through elementary, middle and now high school. Up until/through middle school I was a "Room Mom," Test Proctor and Chaperone in addition to PTO, School Council and other volunteer activities!

History, pediatric/adolescent/educational and geriatric issues fascinate me! Hey guys ... we're "Boomers" and we've ALL been affected by those issues or we will be!

Besides "working" for Malachi my "retirement" has allowed me to volunteer/support various organizations. I've been involved with two (2) independent Christian newspapers in middle Georgia ... initially in 1999 (Christian Life) next, in 2002 (and until July 2012) with His Voice. I'm the President Emeritus/Newsletter Editor of AARP Chapter 1952 - The Oldest AARP Chapter In Georgia (Established/Incorporated November 7, 1974)! Former Diplomat/Chairman (Member Services Committee) for the Perry (Georgia) Area Chamber Of Commerce. Since 2017 me and other volunteers are "Adopted Grandparents/Volunteers" for C.B. Watson Primary School in Warner Robins, Georgia! Yes, I have several hats that keep me busy!

Faith, family, "and all others" should be THE priorities in life. As such, I'm excited to stay/keepin touch with my "Corry '67" family!

We're Corry '67 and our website is W W W DOT CORRY 67 DOT COM ... tell somebody!

Greg :)


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 Death  Mr. Robert Terrell - March 24, 2008
 Posted by: Gregory Davis


 Death  Latosca Griffin - April 4, 2008
 Posted by: Gregory Davis


 Death  Mr. Lawyer Cox, Sr - June 26, 2008
 Posted by: Gregory Davis


 Death  Peyton Burford - October 8, 2012
 Posted by: Gregory Davis


 Death  Thomas Dwight Williams - September 20, 2013
 Posted by: Gregory Davis


 Death  Ray Pettigrew - April 18, 2014
 Posted by: Gregory Davis


 Death  Albertine Hunt - June 8, 2015
 Posted by: Gregory Davis




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Gregory Davis

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