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Wednesday October 18, 2017

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50 Year Reunion Announcement!

55th Year Happenings
Please ignore the date below. A future date is needed for this announcement section.

Sunday,  October  25,  2020

Welcome To The Amphi '58 Website

Check the site for class news and information about our classmates.
Remember if you change your e-mail address PLEASE send that information to Pete at

And if you have not done your bio for the class website, don't you think it's about time? You've read what others have been doing, they would like to know what you've been doing.

Classmates love the newsletter. It can only continue if stories are sent to Ken Wright

Putting together our class meetings and gathering information about our classmates takes time and effort. Some of those who have helped are shown in the falling photos above. Can you help? Let us know at

Class Newsletter

We have sent out some newsletters. They're a good way to keep up with reunion planning and, of course, some of those tales from our high school days. There are more newsletters to come, so if you have some humorous memories from those high school days, send them to either or directly to our newsletter editor, Ken Wright at

If you haven't received a newsletter, we don't have your current address. Please go the the class web site and fill in your information or email us at You don't want to miss those good stories about our high school days.

We Hope You Had A Good Time At The Reunion - Your Reunion Committee

(Who are those people in the falling pictures above?) Members of the Reunion Committee: Jean Blaney-Ciampi, Pete Cress, Judy Fuller-Terlizzi, Glenn Gilmore, Patzi Hughes, Jackie Kelso-Bailey, Gene Mahler-Merchant, Chuck Maynard, Bill Mortimer, Manny Nagore, Jewell Pearson-Fuller, Bob Polston, Dale Sage-Wright, Eugene Settle, Don Shelton, Eugene Sherman, Robert Smith, Sam Sutton, Suzanne Tilden-Mortimer, Robert Townsend, Jim &Laura Gray-Walters, Ruth Warskow-Schaller, Tom Wilmore, Ben&Connie Witt and Ken Wright (publisher of the Panther Pause Newsletter).

Thank You For Your Support Of This Class Website

Thank you for supporting this class web site over the last couple of years. We hope that this web site has given you some enjoyable remembrances of our high school years and renewed friendships with our classmates.

Because we have donations to support the web site through the end of our 50th year since graduation (50 years since graduation, ouch!), we no longer need to make contributions for the web site support. One of those few cases where it pays to be a senior. In this case, the firm that provides the web site structure, waves the payment requirements for support of our web site after we pass our 50th year. Yipee! Save up your money for the next reunion. Thanks again.


  • Diane M. Allen
  • Dottie Ashcraft
  • Patricia A. Aufdermauer
  • Ida Ruth Brand
  • Mary D. Driver
  • Marshall Faigin
  • Pearl Sharon Johnson
  • Margaret Kastner
  • Kathleen Kenstler
  • Yvonne Lambert
  • Carolyn S. Lamirand
  • Jeannie Lindstrom
  • Edward Lopez
  • Eleanore MacDonald
  • Kristian Madson
  • Michael A. Martinez
  • Judy Ann Muschiano
  • Carol Rae Olson
  • Sharalyn D. Sanders
  • Eleanor M. Snyder
  • Georgia Wade


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    Class News

    Annual reunion lunch on April 4, 2009
    43 classmates and spouses met for lunch at Zona in Tucson on April 4. Thanks to everyone for keeping these reunions going by attending. We enjoyed good food, chatting and meeting up with a f . . .  Continued

    50th Year Reunion - Lunch
    Here are some pictures of the 50th Year Reunion luncheon on Friday. The pictures were taken by Robert Townsend and Allan Kitterman. The banner was designed by Robert and framed by Jim Walter . . .  Continued

    50th Year Reunion - Dinner In The Desert
    Here are some pictures of the 50th Year Reunion Dinner. The scene: The Last Territory Saloon, Sundown, something is about to happen. People are approaching from across the country. This i . . .  Continued


    Amphitheater Class of 1958

    Together Again - Annual Fall Reunion Dinner 2009

    The following classmates attended 1958's La Posada October 25, 2009 Reunion Dinner:

    Calvin and Garnet Blackman Schilt, Judy Carol Fuller-Terlizzi, Glenn Gilmore, Ed and Marie Goodman, Patzi Hughes, Larry and Susan Lane, Larry and Carolyn Long, Chuck and Susan Maynard, Ike McDonald, Fred Montgomery, Bill and Suzanne Tilden-Mortimer, Manny Nagore, Jewell Pearson-Fuller, Bill Illig, Bob Polston, Ron and Nancy Ruhl, Ivan and Fran Russell, Dale Sage-Wright, Gene Settle, Eugene and Dottie Sherman, Bob Smith, Sam and Joyce Sutton, Robert and Myrta Townsend, Jim and Laura Walters, Tom Wilmore and Sonja Palmer, Ben and Connie Witt, and Ken Wright. Check the Class Message Board below for some photos.

    Ike McDonald hosted this event, Glenn Gilmore and Gene Settle were door greeters, Robert Townsend furnished the welcome banner, and Jewell, Dale, Patzi and Judy Carol manned the greeting table.

    Thanks to Manny Nagore and the committee for bringing our classmates together once more. Surprise drink tickets were a nice touch and great Tucson weather made the patio a perfect setting for a reunion cocktail hour. Later, we lined up for food and then dined inside the restaurant. Classmates reminisced about high school days, told jokes, and were just plain happy to see each other, all of which reiterates our theme .... "Keep In Touch."

    Door Prize Winners:
    Bill Mortimer was happy to get dinner for two at El Minuto
    Larry Long won dinner for two at El Corral
    Carolyn Long won a gift certificate for Gadabout
    Ken Wright won a dinner for two at Pinnacle Peak

    Annual Spring Reunion Lunch 2009

    43 classmates and spouses met for lunch at Zona in Tucson on April 4, 2009. Thanks to everyone for keeping these reunions going by attending. We enjoyed good food, chatting and meeting up with a few classmates we have not seen at other events. Our plan is to make this lunch an annual affair so classmates who might be traveling to Arizona can have the option of attending. Please keep checking this webpage for reunion information.

    We had our 50th Year reunion! Let's have another reunion.

    What did you think about the reunion, Fall 2008?

    Send your thoughts about the reunion and any other news to Ken Wright ( We would like your thoughts about the reunion for inclusion in the newsletter. No news, no newsletter.

    Over but not forgotten - Amphi 50th Year Reunion, 2008 at El Conquistador Hotel and Resort

    Thanks to everyone who came to our Amphi 50th Reunion . It was the huge turnout that made this three day gathering exceptional along with classmate contributions including those of the committee. Folks who took to the microphone, and others who passed out prizes, hosted the various events and held down greeting tables made this reunion shine. Special thanks to Sam Sutton for working on discount room fees for out of town classmates and thanks to Manny Nagore and Bill Mortimer for setting up the Amphi Reunion bank account and Patzi Hughes who makes it balance.

    Memorable moments:

    Turnout at the Meet and Greet was more than we could have hoped. 125 classmates came including spouses and graduates from other years. A visit from Roger Taylor, who most of us have not seen in 50 years, was one surprise and then just as we thought all classmates were in the room, Gil Munoz appeared.

    Forty classmates went on the school tour and visit to the Dairy Queen. Looking at those photos makes me and Bill regret very much not being there. His back was giving him fits from an old bull injury that happened during his clown days; “She kicked me,” he said like there was nothing to it and my Achilles tendons have gone south from wearing high heels most of my adult life and a sports injury from bicycling LA and running in Phoenix, so we were toast by then and needed to regroup for the remaining events!

    Dinner turnout came to 75 classmates which added up to 105 party goers including spouses. The food was excellent and the weather perfect. Things got off to a great start with Bill announcing from the podium and Barbara Barrett-Hyde giving our welcome prayer. Gene Mahler Merchant followed with a moving tribute to the deceased classmates, including a banner with their photos which she designed and brought to each event. Our reunion banner hung over the podium. It was designed by Robert Townsend who also did our logo, drawing can and Pete’s award. Jim Walters framed the banner in various ways so it could welcome classmates at each event. He also had the committee table-top thank you printed and put at each place setting.

    Rick Wilson gave a rousing welcome speech and Ken promised more Panther Pause Newsletters. Ike was entertaining along with Fred Montgomery, Paul Crawford, Judy Tiemann-Larson and Judy Carol Fuller-Terlizzi. Eugene Settle was perfect along with his daughter in handling the door prizes with help from the effervescent Joyce Van Reenen-Irving and Ruth Warskow-Schaller. Thanks to Sam Sutton and Bob Polston for getting out the green door prize tickets! Props to Laura Walters for prizes from the Amphi bookstore and Jewell Pearson-Fuller, Connie Witt and Dale Sage-Wright for decorations. It was a sea of green pom-poms, clever M&Ms in elegant snifters and lots of work which we all appreciate. We thank Bob Smith and Eugene Sherman for taking care of the t-shirt orders and Manny Nagore for making sure orders of visors and polos got to the right people.

    We loved the award given by Dan Peck to Pete Cress and again none of this reunion stuff could happen without a classmate name and address resource like our webpage that has been years in the making. (Friendly reminder) If you have not posted a bio please do and add family photos. The Memory Book was pulled from the webpage with a compilation of additional photos added. Thanks to Jim Walters for getting it printed and out to the classmates with mailings by Manny.

    Lunch turnout totaled 95. The food was not so good but certainly the dessert and atmosphere was. Thanks to Nancy and Ron Rhul for holding down the greeting table, Ken for hosting, Ben and Connie Witt and Ed Goodman for passing out the door prizes after Don Shelton had made certain everyone had green tickets!

    A great way to end was by attending the Amphi Homecoming Game and thanks to Patzi Hughes for spearheading this event. It was very special being there again, our welcome banner on the 50 yard line and us females wearing those spectacular mums that Barrett-Hyde made for this occasion. We all wished that we had brought at least one of the pom-poms and thanks to Jim, I did get my photo taken with the panther mascot!

    Look Who Came To The Reunion.

    Here are some of those who came to the reunion. Carol Ann Adair-Hubbard, Wayne & Barbara Barrett Hyde, Calvin &Garnet Blackman Schilt, Fred & Jean Blaney-Ciampi, Ruth Ann Brockhoff-Kelly, Larry & Patti Brosh (57), Ken & Mary Ann Burge-Botkin, Susan Carleton-Doody, Paul & Carol Crawford, Peter and Cathy Cress, Charles Davis (guest), Bill and Betty Emerson-Kirkpatrick, Judy Fuller-Terlizzi, Glenn Gilmore, Joyce Glover-Heintz, Ed & Marie Goodman, John & Kay Hockenberry-Nelson, Patzi Hughes (winner first in), Carl & Jackie Kelso-Bailey, Jim & Gene Mahler-Merchant, Chuck and Susan Maynard, Allyn & Dorothy McAdoo-Kyes, Thomas & Barbara Johnson-McShea, J. Ike McDonald, Fred & Elizabeth Montgomery, Bill Mortimer & Suzanne Tilden-Mortimer, Al & Rae Murphy-Barbuscia, Manny Nagore, Skip Whitway (guest), Jim Oesterling, Jewell Pearson-Fuller, Dan & Julie Peck, Patricia Petras-Beckwith, Bob Polston, Ron & Nancy Ruhl, Fran & Ivan Russell, Dale Sage-Wright, Lewis & Judy Schneidmiller-Bishop, Rod Senter, Don & Rosalie Shelton, Gene Sherman & Dotty Patremio, Bob Smith, Lewis Stafford, Sam & Joyce Ballard-Sutton, Linda Thurston-Bird, Judy Tieman-Larson, Joyce Van Reenen-Irving, Jim and Laura Gray-Walters, Ruth Warskow-Schaller, Thomas Wilmore & Sonja Palmer, Rick & Anne Wilson, Ben & Connie Witt, Tom Witt, Ken Wright, John Butler, Benny & Nancy Foss-Bingham, Allan Kitterman, Gene & Jackie Schlepp, Larry and Kathy Maynard, Larry and Susan Lane, Vernon and Meri Mauzy, Robert and Myrta Townsend, Charlie & Carolyn Osborn, Gene Settle, Everett and Leona Armstrong Pearson, Jim and Patty Dugan Glover, Larry & Carolyn Long, Julia Clawson-Rosenhan, Harold & Barbara Majesky, Bob and Janet Patterson.

    Photos Of The Events

    Photos taken at the events can be seen by selecting the following links or by selecting items in the Class News section. If you have photos that you would like to share, send them to Suzanne Tilden Mortimer. In the following links, Suzanne has compiled some of the photos sent in by Townsend, Kitterman and Kelso.

    Oct 22, 2008 - Golf at Pusch Ridge. Classmates tee off at El Conquistador Hotel and Resort in Tucson, AZ Move the slider in the upper right of the page to enlarge the view of the thumbnail pictures. Select a picture to enlarge and use the arrows at the top to move amoung the photos.

    Collages of Golf, Meet and Greet, Football Game, Dinner and School Tour Click on the + sign in the upper right corner to enlarge. Click and hold the mouse indicator on the picture and move the picture around.

    Oct 23, 2008 - Reunion Dinner

    More links to photos are in the Class News section of this page.

    What's The Weather Like In Tucson?

    Use the following link to see what the weather is like now in Tucson. (When you are through, use the back arrow to return to this page)

    Tucson Weather View

    And here is the Tucson weather forcast.

    Where Is Everyone?

    Use the map below to see where classmates are located. Click on a house to see who lives there. Use the scale on the left to zoom in and out. In the upper right corner, you can select whether to display as a street map, satellite image or a combintation of the two. You can move the map around by selecting a place on the map (other than a house), left mouse click and hold and move the map around. Well now, look at the Tucson folks. They didn't go very far from the nest, did they.

    Addresses have been obtained from Internet directories and rounded to the nearest block number. If you want to see your house more closely, go to the web site and put in your address (ie. 123 Street, Tucson, Az) in the entry location at the top of the page.

    If you want to change your address on this class web site (correct it, removed it from the map, etc.), email me at

    Those Who Have Left Us - We Miss Them

    This list contains those classmates that we know of who are deceased. We miss them. We're glad that we knew them.

    Joe James - 1956

    Ralph Belcher - 1963

    Donna Yankovic - 1965

    Stephen Korn - 1969

    Bill Smith - 1972

    Thomas Russel - 1973

    David Flanders - 1973

    Marilyn Heinig - 1974

    Rosalie Frazier - 1980

    Joseph Cox - 1989

    Bonnie Boyer - 1991

    Edward Curtis - 1992

    James Conrad - 1992

    Walter McDaniel - 1993

    Gordon Bayless - 1995

    Jerry Faucher - 1995

    George Sowell - 1996

    Lewis Combs - 1997

    Philip McLaughlin

    Maxine Curtis - 2000

    Carl Ahlendorf - 2000

    Harry Millsap - 2000

    Orris Poling - 2002

    Carol Bronson - 2002

    Rodney Atchley - 2005

    Terry Wilson - 2005

    Nancy Bellinger - 2005

    Lillie Marie Ruck - 2005

    Richard McDaniel - 2006

    Carol (Dusty) Allen - 2006

    Bob Meyer - 2006

    Kayleen Paxton - 2006

    Judy Simmons - 2007

    Carmen Rodriguez - 2007

    Art Hatheway - 2008

    Gerald Goldfield - 2008

    Maurice Mordka - 2009

    Harry Busch - 2011

    Gene Sherman - 2011

    Bill Ferguson - 2011

    Charlie Osborn - 2011

    Lori Onsgard - 2012

    Ron Ruhl - 2013

    Harvey Sheaffer - 2016

    Our Class Message Board

    Your participation is requested!
    We would like to hear from you. Post your messages here.

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       Sept 2012 Lunch Suzanne

      Amphi Survivors lunch at Teresa's Mosiac

    Wed 10/3/2012 6:28 PM

       Lunch With Sam and Chuck Suzy

      Classmates met on March 31 at Sam Hughe'

    Mon 4/4/2011 8:37 PM

       2011 Spring Early Dinner Suzy

      On March 26, 2011, 30 Amphi Alumni of '5

    Thu 3/31/2011 12:30 PM

      Reunion Committee Message Suzanne

      The class of 58 local reunion committee

    Tue 3/1/2011 8:31 AM

       Visit With Mary Lou Wright In Kansas Suzanne

      Bill and I spent a few days at a Jellyst

    Mon 10/25/2010 3:57 PM

       Spring Lunch, 2010 Suzanne

      Amphitheater Class of 1958 Spring Lunc

    Mon 10/25/2010 3:47 PM

       51st Reunion Dinner Suzanne

      Here are some pictures from the 51st reu

    Thu 11/12/2009 11:10 AM

       51st PreReunion Meeting Suzanne

      Sam Sutton and Chuck Maynard got a group

    Mon 10/26/2009 1:59 PM

       Amphi '58 Panther Plaque Tom Wilmore

      I have completed a Panther & plaque that

    Wed 8/19/2009 3:08 AM

       North To Alaska Suzanne

      Bill Mortimer was brave enough to pet th

    Fri 8/7/2009 3:28 PM

       Settle and Wright get together in Kansas Mary Lou

      In mid June '09, Gene and Patty Settle c

    Tue 6/30/2009 4:43 AM

       Pictures From The Reunion Leona (Armstrong) Pearson

      Here are some pictures from the reunion.

    Mon 1/5/2009 6:19 AM

       Pictures From The Luncheon Suzanne

      Here are some pictures from the luncheon

    Sun 3/16/2008 5:00 PM

       Luncheon Pictures Tom Wilmore

      Here are some photos of the March 9, '08

    Sun 3/16/2008 3:31 PM

       March 9, '08 Luncheon Pictures Jackie Kelso Bailey

      Luncheon Pictures (Photos by Jackie, Dis

    Sat 3/15/2008 7:11 PM

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    Today's Featured Biography


    Allan Kitterman

    After graduation in May 1958, I worked at Franklin Rental Yard & then enlisted in the Navy that Sept. After boot camp in San Diego CA, I was stationed in Corpus Christi, TX while awaiting school. I attended prep-school in Arlington, TX & from there went to Memphis, TN. to pursue aviation electronics technician training. Upon completion I was stationed at the Naval Air test center- Patuxent River, MY, testing the latest electronic equipment & aircraft for the Navy. I went through flight training for navigator radar operator and then I flew, as such, on various projects-the last being the A-3J Vigilante. For that aircraft I attended school in Columbus, OH, & flew in the back seat as a navigator & radar operator.

    While at school in Columbus, OH, I met my wife Patty, & was married in May 1961. Then in Oct. 1962 I was forced into medical retirement due to a knee injury from playing military football.

    At that time I became a surveyor for 8 years-moving onto CA & then back to OH-same area. Patty & I had 4 children-3 sons & 1 daughter by this time-Allan, Jr-born 1963; Mark, born 1964; Kris, born 1965; & Claudia-born 1967.

    It was at this time in my life that I decided to go back to school & thus attended Ohio State University year-round from 1970-1972 studying Civil Engineering. I lacked one-quarter of finishing my degree due to lack of finances. However, after six weeks as a junior design engineer, with an engineering firm that would finance the remainder of my schooling, there were footprints on the walls & on the ceiling; in other words,I could not stand being cooped up in an office.

    At that point, I decided to pursue heavy construction as a career thus becoming a project engineer, project manager, & a project superintendent. From 1972-2003, various projects took me to several states including WV,KY,VA,MY,AZ,NM,TX,CA,UT & NV. Our children were schooled in the Columbus, OH. area & St. David AZ.

    In Sept. 2003, I officially retired as a project manager. Two weeks later I lost my wife who had been ill for some time. I then attempted returning to work, thinking I could handle more "office work" since that was what I had been doing since 2002 when I had had a malignant kidney removed. But my heart was not in it, & thus I quit.

    In June of 2004, I moved from Las Vegas, NV, after 11 years residency & moved closer to most of my children in Gilbert, AZ. In Dec. of that year, I had my right knee replaced & spent numerous hours helping my oldest grandson build a 1953 Ford F-100 Hot Rod.

    April of 2005 brought a new lady into my life via a chat line. Candi & I were married in July & in 2006 began traveling all over the continental US transporting exotic & classic cars. To date we've traveled almost 300,000 miles & the first year alone we were in every state but ND; we were only 20 miles from the border but is was snowing & -4 degrees. Together Candi & I have 9 children & 30 grandchildren.

    Thoughout my life, I have been active in church & have loved working in Scouting for over 25 years & also coaching football, basketball & little league. I still love fast cars, quads, water skis, jet skis, etc. And my yet unrealized dream is to go sky-diving. Recently, one of my grand-daughters told me that she felt sorry for me. When I asked why, she said: "Because you're a teenager trapped in an old man's body."


    Family News Summary
    Enter your Family News Item choosing from our pre-defined categories:
    Anniversary, Award, Birth, Death, Diagnosis, Engagement, Graduation, Lottery, Retirement, Vacation, Wedding, Other.

     Military  U.S. Army Security Agency
     Posted by: Charles Bryan


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    at this time.



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