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TJHS Thomas Jefferson High School
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Wednesday August 27, 2014

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Class News

Memorial Board - Edited June 25, 2014
. . .  Continued

Saluting Our Veterans! Updated May 26, 2014
May 26, 2014 - In remembrance and honor of all who have served the U.S. Armed Forces and our heroes who today carry the flag of the USA ... We express our gratitude to you who serve to . . .  Continued

Growing Up In East New York - Updated Feb 23, 2014
Each one of us possesses warm memories from a time in our lives, from that wonderful place we call home: East New York, Brownsville, and all neighborhoods from where we set forth to embark . . .  Continued


 photo notice_zpsad0a57ea.jpg

Appearing in our July 2014 Alumni Newsletter is a message from our Alumni Editor and Coordinator, Stu Rothstein '64. It is self-explanatory and reads:

"The Newsletter is going out to all people who paid their dues between 2011 and 2014. The January 31, 2015 Newsletter will be going out to all of you who paid between 2012-2014."

Stu writes further, "If you move, please notify me (, because the postage is getting expensive. Please do not send me any payments for 2014 after October 15, 2014 and date them for 2015. If you do, I will return them."

We hope you will continue your subscription to our Newsletter and catch up with the lives of your fellow classmates after 53 years down the path to senior citizenship. Enjoy your lives!

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 photo 336131ad-7f41-4e9d-a7db-9a96a2adf77e_zpsf3d32fd6.jpg


22 Tammuz 5774 - July 20, 2014
My dear Despina,

(Axiotakis, General Secretary, Cyprus Federation of America 8747 20 Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11214),

With my return home, and before attending to chores, and preparation for the coming week, I haste to send you this note of appreciation as coordinator of this afternoon's program (following the inspiring doxology at the St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, Flushing, NY), commemorating the 40th anniversary of Turkey's invasion and division of Cyprus in 1974.

Earlier, I met Philip Christopher, the legendary PSEKA president, who assiduously has kept the issue of accounting for the refugees, missing, and the dead; the reunification of the island under a new equitable federation, assuring bi-communal coexistence in the forefront of the world community. Moreover, as I had culled my own archives to retrieve my coverage of last year's 39th observance of the event, copies were given to some of your attendees, with my heartfelt wish that the coming year will see both the island's unification and a long-for celebration that will finally crown the arid years in a desert-like landscape fighting for the cause!

As you know, Philip, and other Cypriot leaders, have also been in the forefront stressing the vital mutual interest that lies behind the blossoming Cyprus-Israel-American Jewish working relationship --- an advantage that in recent years has also brought my native land, Greece, into the fold to seek the obvious benefits from this trilateral alliance. My hope, of course, remains, that Turkey, under a more progressive leadership can also join the community of moderate southeastern Mediterranean nations to provide needed balance and stability to the region.

However, as I was glad to rise and gustily cheer the mention of your name, when Philip noted your contribution to today's occasion --- and, please share my comments with him, and everyone who can reflect on my insight as a Greek-Jew --- the Cyprus cause, indeed, every other worthy project, is qualitatively diminished when he (as others, the notorious Lambrakis / Valsamakis duo of the fraudulent end-Greek-debt scheme infamy come to mind), is associated, and appears on the plainly anti-Semitic Internet radio station that is the embarrassment and shame of Greek-Americans with the ironic call letters! So it was, for example, when on the eve of the tragic July 20 anniversary for Cyprus, he granted a fawning interview to my erstwhile friend --- who has proven to talk with a forked tongue, hypocritically standing with Israel, while in league with the likes of the defrocked bishop Vikentios Malamatienos (who has only derision for our American Archbishop and the Ecumenical Patriarch), Dimitris Filippides! It is no accident that mainstream Greek and Cypriot representatives --- Ambassadors, Consuls, and anyone who values his self-respect --- runs away from this cell of hatred (against Jews, Israel, and even the land that hosts it, our beloved America)!

A special highlight was the warm greeting, and blessing that was extended to me by H.E. Archbishop Demetrios, a person whom I value as a friend and ongoing interlocutor in the valuable work to bridge the considerable doctrinal gap between Greek Orthodoxy vis a vis Jews, and the need to incorporate Holocaust studies in Greek curricula --- here, and in Greece. Moreover, it is high time that we push to conclusion the plan to enact an anti-racism, anti-Holocaust denial, bill in the Hellenic Parliament, bringing the republic in line with the European Union!

Further delight was felt by me to encounter a returning from an American vacation Greek Consul Manos Koubarakis and his wife, Cyprus Federation president Kostas Tsentas (who promised to keep me informed of forthcoming events arranged with Jewish organizations), Greece's Permanent Representative at the United Nations Michel A. Spinellis, NY State Assemblywoman Aravela Simotas, NYC Council Member Kostas Konstantinidis, philanthropist Dinos Rallis, and several other personages. A.W.O.L., and without explanation was the new leadership of the Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York; their absence indicated not greater but the smallness of the circle within which that executive board operates. Further, such a political faux was totally avoidable, as I explained in a lengthy communication to president Petro Galatoulas, plainly indicating my willingness to advise him on Jewish matters, and not only! He, in turn, was effusive in consenting, and thanking me for the initiative; however, if you heard the telephone ring, mine must have been set on mute!

My dear Despina, my admiration for you, and the Federation, is deep and sustained, a sentiment I emphasized openly with Kosta (Tsentas). My heart harbors a heightened sense of warmth with the island-nation's hospitality to turned-away Jewish refugees (many the remnants from the recently-liberated extermination centers in Poland), seeking entry into Mandate Palestine, refused by the British colonial power who shepherded those caught in concentration camps on the island; the trailblazing agreement, signed by Cyprus Christian Orthodox Archbishop Chrysostomos and Ashkenazi Israel Chief Rabbi Yonna Metzger, absolving Jews for the crucifixion (a bone of contention still with the Greek and Russian Orthodox counterparts); and, personally, with the Consuls-General of Cyprus in New York, from Martha Mavromatis to the recently-departed for Nicosia Koula Sophianou! May you have a wonderful forthcoming week, in health, and achievement.

 photo SPORTS_zps46217aa4.jpg

 photo Lefky2_zpsf50781cd.jpg



Pickleball is the newest sport activity for senior citizen, a matter fact it is great for all ages and all sexes. This sport is an all-age activity that requires little skill and can progress very quickly the more often that you play. I am new to the game. This is similar to ping pong and tennis on a very small scale. There is very little running too. And, it requires two players on each side.

Pickleball requires a special paddle and a hard waffle ball. The net is about 3 feet high, the length is about 30 feet and the width is about 20 feet. It is an 11-point game and scoring is a little different. You get points only on your serve. And it is quite a wonderful workout without much running. There is about an two-and-a-half-foot area on either side of the net that is no persons land called the kitchen.

In conclusion, for those who like a wonderful workout experience without much running, try Pickleball. The men play Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in my community. The women play Wednesday and Friday. We're opting for unisex games.

 photo RIVALRY_zpseb8cd01f.jpg

 photo Thea.gif

One of the longest running rivalries in high school football history ended today, August 21. Tilden spokesman Ron Post conceded to TJHS spokeswoman Thea Alpert in a tie victory with concessions that don't come easy in battle; but this was without doubt an easy win-win for two of Brooklyn's competiting high schools of yesteryear.

Accepting my request for exposure of our Dec 11 luncheon in Florida, Ron Post writes: "Yes, I would be more than happy to send out your email (even though I am a Tilden graduate but we beat your football team many times on Thanksgiving Day. Ron" "Thank you so very much, Ron," I replied. "As the Dodgers deserted Brooklyn for LA, so did less than a handful of our students transfer to Tilden. Tilden won THIS game but certainly not the war. I'm for peace - Tildenite or not, welcome home, Brooklyn! And so the memories continue...."

 photo ISL2_zpsb013dcf6.jpg
 photo ISL_zpsd61cb142.jpg



Irma Sherman Latinsky returns to Florida in November. This translates to parties, more parties, and more parties! Irma has once again ignited interest in a winter reunion/luncheon and you, our TJHS sisters and female spouses of TJHS male graduates of all graduating years are invited!

Note: This invitation will post on our Class page and as private messages or postings on many Facebook pages, not in a private mailing - because of computer issues with mass mailings. You are therefore asked to please share the details of our upcoming Florida luncheon with TJHS grads.

THEME: Winter Wonderland in Florida - For Women Only

DATE: Thursday - December 11, 2014

TIME: 1 P.M.

PLACE: Henry's

ADDRESS: 16850 Jog Road, Delray Beach, FL

PHONE: 561-638-1949

DETAILS: Separate checks

RSVP:: by December 2 - December is Florida's busy season - we need to know in advance how many reservations you require. Plan early. Tell Irma to count you in!

CALL: Irma - 561-638-3802

ABOUT HENRY'S -"Henry’s is the winner of Boca Raton Magazine’s 2012 and 2013’s Readers’ Choice Award for Favorite Restaurant and Best American Cuisine. Henry’s offers classic and contemporary comfort food in a warm and inviting setting. Henry's also offers a beautiful patio for al fresco dining during cooler months. The menu at Henry’s features the best in-season products, select cuts of meat and poultry and the freshest seafood available.

"Executive Chef, Ben Burger, offers a wide variety of menu options including Horseradish Crusted Salmon, Turkey and Mushroom Meatloaf and Coriander-Seared “Rare” Yellowfin Tuna. Henry’s also offers a large selection of gluten-free, vegetarian and low-calorie menu options."

 photo LABCIN_zpsc7474a31.jpg

* AL CINAMON '55 *

 photo Al-C_zps1ba0c432.jpg


A driver over 65 is likely to never drive drunk. Unfortunately, alcohol is only one drug that impairs drivers. Older drivers are the most likely to drive while under the influence of multiple medications. Drugs typically affect people differently at age 60 than at age 20. With age, people tend to gain weight and lose muscle tone, which changes the way chemicals are absorbed. An older body can also take longer to rid itself of drugs.

So if you are taking medication, should you be driving? Most likely, yes. But the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advises that it’s best to be absolutely sure before you get behind the wheel. While most medications don’t affect driving ability, some prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines can cause reactions that may make it unsafe to drive. These reactions may include sleepiness/drowsiness, blurred vision, dizziness, slowed movement, fainting, inability to focus or pay attention, nausea, and excitability.

Driving while on medication can also be a legal issue. State laws differ but in New York driving under the influence of certain medications (prescription and OTC products) could get you in the same kind of trouble as people caught driving under the influence of alcohol.

Knowing how your medication – or any combination of them – affects your ability to drive is clearly a safety measure involving you, your passengers, and others on the road.

Products that could make it dangerous to drive include some anti-depressants, some cold remedies and allergy products, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, pain relievers, diet pills, drugs containing stimulants such as caffeine, or codeine. It’s also important to know that you should never combine medication with alcohol, which would create a synergistic effect (a greater effect than if each were taken separately).

If you must drive, don’t stop taking your medicines unless told to do so by your doctor. Do talk to your doctor or pharmacist about possible side effects of the medicines you take.

It would also be advisable to carry a list of your medications including names and dosages, just in case of an emergency.

 photo LABTEK_zpsa1cacee9.jpg

Please assist us in our effort to maintain a Web presence that performs in the best possible manner. I am here to present you with quality reading material, help navigate your journey through the halls of TJHS and to assist you in re-connecting with long-time friends. Your submissions and suggestions are welcomed! Please direct correspondence to

MISSING GRADS - I've received hundreds of requests to locate your friends. Be assured that each request remains active until the person is found. It may take a day, a month, even a year or more, but we are working diligently to find them. Lend a hand -- alert '61 Jeffersonians in hiding to come-out-come-out-wherever-you-are!

PROFILED BUT NOT REGISTERED? - Please be advised that a profile exists for all students of TJHS 1961 including those “Missing.” If this is your first visit to our web page, please do not create a second Student File. First consult the 1961 Class Directory which is listed in alphabetical sequence by last name. It is accessible at the top of our page within the TJHS 1961 orange header.

If you are a regular visitor but have not registered, please do so by assigning your private password. Without a registered password you will not be able to gain entry to your file or edit - nor will you be unable to contact students who elect to maintain privacy - nor will you be able to post messages or become involved with many activities available to those who are. Your Password is confidential - you and the Classreport organization alone maintain such information. Assign your private password: refer to the "Sign In" box (upper right), then click "Lost Password" and, upon prompt, enter your "PW." Then click "Save."

SOCIAL LINKS (i.e. Facebook, et al.) have been added to many profiles by the respective registrants. The links you post should lead where directed. In instances where the link was not added correctly, it leads to a dead zone. Accordingly, we have deleted the invalid link and added a notation in your respective Bios. Please test your links before posting.

ABOUT YOUR PROFILE - We have completed yet another phase in updating personal biographies. Your profile now includes the Honor Societies, Service Clubs and Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) you performed for our Alma Mater. Learn more about your role and those of the young adults with whom you forged friendships in high school because of your services to our school. Check out biographies on Classreport.

PRACTICING EMAIL COURTESY - When you forward e-mail received from others, please delete the forwarding history, which includes the e-mail addresses of EVERYONE listed. It is a courtesy to others who may not wish to have their e-mail addresses sent throughout the Internet. Erasing the history helps prevent spammers from mining addresses, computer fraud, identity theft and viruses. Always use the "BCC" feature when sending e-mail.

Conversely, when preparing e-mail which originates with you, so as to maintain the privacy of those to whom your communication is forwarded, it is necessary that you "BCC" everyone rather than publish private contact information for all to see. "BCC" is a standard feature and represents "Blind Carbon Copy." The feature is an option in email preparation. Please use it.

THE CLASS OF '61 has officially entered the world of TECHNOLOGY . Reunion invitations will be available to you on this web page and via e-mail. If you have not provided us with your e-mail address, kindly add it to your Classreport profile. Now is also the time to update your profile and correct all outdated data. It is your decision whether to go private or public with this information so that others may reach out to you; however, be assured that if you wish privacy, your email address will not be viewable to anyone but the Office; plus, my outgoing e-mails are always distributed as "blind copies." When someone requests your e-mail address, it is my policy to drop you a note requesting permission to share.

Note: Our presence on Classreport will continue strong, as will the continuation of the TJHS Alumni Association and the TJHS Alumni Newsletter. Our newsletter is brought to you by Al Solomon '49, Alumni President; Stu Rothstein'64, Editor and Coordinator; and literary contributions from Alumni members. Tell us of your news ... write your Class Administrator!

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  144th Graduation at St. John's University Anna Matathias

  - On this Lag B'Omer, May 18, I took As

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  Lawrence L.I. School Board Election Results Asher J. Matathias

  Lawrence L.I. School Board Election Resu

Wed 5/21/2014 9:35 AM

  May 20, 2014 Lawrence School Board Election Prof. Asher J. Matathias

  Lawrence School Board / District 15 Admi

Mon 5/19/2014 1:51 PM


Today's Featured Biography


Howard Kalachman

ECA: Service Council (2 terms), Library Squad (3 terms), Student Patrol (3 terms)

Born 1944 as a WW II "just in case" baby. Graduated Thomas Jefferson H.S. in Brooklyn, 1961. Drafted 5/67. Served with First Air Cav.; 2nd Battalion 12 infantry; A & Headquarters Companies in Vietnam 11/67-12/68. Wounded at AnKhe. Awarded Bronze Star, Good Conduct Medal, CIB, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Combat Metal with 2 O/S bars, and the NYS Conspicuous Service Cross. Briefly involved in politics upon return from Vietnam. Earned A.A.-Queens College (Business Admin.); B.A.-Queens College (Psy); M.S.-C.W. Post (Counseling Ed); Post Masters-Hofstra University + C.W. Post + Queens College + NCC; P.D./ Adv. Cert.-Brooklyn College (Ed Admin. & Supervision). Spent 23 years in the business world mostly as a middle manager in law, airfreight claims, collections, personnel mgmt for a Fortune 100 company, hypnotherapy, and counseling. Howard's love of children convinced him to become an educator. Now, retired from the NYC Department of Education after 22 years of service as an Assistant Principal, computer & math specialist, speaker and teacher.

Howard was a Long Beach resident in 1969 but moved to Queens when his father became ill. He moved back to Long Beach in 1980 and has lived in the area ever since. The pride and joy of Howard's life is his lovely daughter Heather, who attended Brooklyn Law School on a partial scholarship before passing the bar and is now a practicing attorney.

When not involved in educational, consumer advocate, or veterans' activities, he spends his time helping others though various volunteer organizations including Make-A-Wish, Big Brothers Big Sisters of L.I., City Harvest, Island harvest and others. Howard's hobby is surfing the web.

In addition to being a life member of both the DAV & American Legion, where Howard is Nassau County Division 1 Commander, he is also Vice (Post) Commander as well as a life member of the VFW.



Are you ready, willing and able to give yourself to a good cause? Tell me about your experience and skills and I'll tell you how we can best apply them to the TJHS Class of '61 and our goals. A rewarding volunteer job may be in your immediate future. Email

Please take a few moments to view "Johnny The Bagger" at

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 Gary Friedland on Hiatus  Gary Friedland advises us of his hiatus from Faceb
 Posted by: Thea Alpert


 Update on Zaklyn  Hope continues for Zaklyn in her battle with cance
 Posted by: Thea Alpert


 Alan Arbuse '59  Alan Arbuse '59 The Class of '61 extends heartfel
 Posted by: Thea Alpert


 Josh's Born Day Party  A Born Day Party Happy Birthday to my son Josh.
 Posted by: Thea Alpert


 Nolan Ace  Grandma Thea is delighted to announce the addition
 Posted by: Thea Alpert


 Mag Cinamon  Good news follows hard times. Al Cinamon shares
 Posted by: Thea Alpert


 To Joan (Noveshansky) & Louis Spencer  MY SADNESS GOES OUT TO LOUIS AND JOAN, ON THE PASS
 Posted by: Gary Friedland




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Raymond "Ray" Polak

Personal Website


 photo TJHSKEY.jpg

Contact your Class Administrator if your name appears here ~ Norma Yekelchik ~ Dee Wilson ~ Rhoda Victor ~ Barbara Reichig ~ Diane Mauro ~ John Louis Gaston ~

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Your memories are everlasting only when preserved.

Stay in touch!

 photo LABALMA_zpse8da2ddc.jpg

Many thanks to LESTER COHEN for sharing the images you see below. And to think we've been told we can't go home....

Officials and school children lead by Fire Department and band at TJHS school site - May 11, 1922:

 photo TJHSMay111922_zps069840de.jpg

Ground-Breaking Ceremony for Thomas Jefferson High School, 1922:

 photo 3c30ae32-eec5-4b4b-b9ae-630f404c4ceb_zps6c05abba.jpg

The official opening of Thomas Jefferson H.S. on October 28, 1924:

 photo TJHSOpening1924_zps82428850.jpg

Our Alma Mater, as appeared in The Brooklyn Standard Union dated July 5, 1925:

 photo 72fd6ff5-e6b2-4f64-b3f9-5d94f98b65f7_zps6b41b5c7.jpg

TJHS Interior 1948:

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"Your site has been so helpful with planning our reunions, making up booklets, badges etc. Couldn't have done it without you. Hope the site continues it's success." 2/17/2014

"Thank you, the site is nice!" 2/15/2014

"I am so enjoying reminiscing over so many memories! Thanks for putting this together." 2/14/2014

"I appreciate using your web site! I heard about your site from our reunion committee who are hoping to use your site to locate and inform class members." 2/12/2014

More bravos at:

10th Anniversary!
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