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10th Anniversary!
TJHS Thomas Jefferson High School
Brooklyn, NY  USA
Sunday December 21, 2014

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Class News

Memorial Boards - Updated Dec. 6, 2014
. . .  Continued

Saluting Our Veterans! Updated Dec. 1, 2014
August 31, 2014 - shared by Ed Singer A VETERAN DIED TODAY -author unknown He was getting old and paunchy And his hair was falling fast, And he sat around the Legion, Telling stori . . .  Continued

Growing Up In East New York - Updated Feb 23, 2014
Each one of us possesses warm memories from a time in our lives, from that wonderful place we call home: East New York, Brownsville, and all neighborhoods from where we set forth to embark . . .  Continued


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Appearing in our July 2014 Alumni Newsletter is a message from our Alumni Editor and Coordinator, Stu Rothstein '64. It is self-explanatory and reads:

"The Newsletter is going out to all people who paid their dues between 2011 and 2014. The January 31, 2015 Newsletter will be going out to all of you who paid between 2012-2014."

Stu writes further, "If you move, please notify me (, because the postage is getting expensive. Please do not send me any payments for 2014 after October 15, 2014 and date them for 2015. If you do, I will return them."

We hope you will continue your subscription to our Newsletter and catch up with the lives of your fellow classmates. Enjoy your lives!

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 photo 336131ad-7f41-4e9d-a7db-9a96a2adf77e_zpsf3d32fd6.jpg


Kislev22, 5775 - December 14, 2014
Remembering a Unifying Milestone in a Current of Partisanship

On October 26, 1984, in the closing days of a Presidential election, a local Republican campaign operative, Lynn (Irving & Sylvia) Kaminetsky, filled the brief void created by the refusal of a Great Neck Jewish congregation to host a visit by incumbent President Ronald W. Reagan, and succeeding to stir the selection to Temple Hillel, Valley Stream, NY!

With several protagonists of this unique experience --- not since First President George Washington similarly engaged the historic Touro Synagogue, RI --- having passed to their eternal reward, but with many others still around, a gathering was organized by Temple Hillel contributors, and committee members to grant The President Ronald Reagan Award for Community Service to then U.S. Senator Alfonse D’Amato, serving his first of three six-year terms. A bevy of politicos, judges, rabbis, and untitled folk nearly-filled the sanctuary for a mid-morning ceremony and brunch, while a rare video, now available on YouTube, was courteously delivered from the

The content of the President Reagan’s speech could be given by President Obama, for its address of contemporary issues of jobs for all who want them, civil rights, religious liberty and the separation of church and state in not establishing a formal official national faith; identification with Zionism and support for Israel, repeatedly expressing appreciation for the warmth with which the congregation welcomed him. More, he was made cognizant of the presence of Holocaust survivors in the taped reminisce of Shoshana Aidelson, Rav Shlomo’s, z”l, widow, who was introduced to the Chief Executive at the event, disclosing to him the astonishment of having been at Auschwitz, living through the horror, but never believing that he was destined to witness this encounter!

As to the political meaning of the visit, coming days before a national election where Jews traditionally cast ballots for Democrats, upward of 70%, its significance was not overlooked. To this day, the precincts around the Temple, and influential members combine to make for Republican bastions. During President Reagan’s tenure, and continuing on and off to this day, there has been a chipping away from the usual Jewish berth with the Democratic Party. And, that’s despite the Administration having a perceived unfriendly Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger in the Cabinet. Of course, it is also a truism that every President since Harry S. Truman, who recognized the new State of Israel in 1948, has attempted to outdo his predecessor in demonstrating his ardor and pragmatic support for Jews and the Holy Land; President Obama is no exception!

Temple president Allan Greene warmly welcomed the audience, and soon turned the program’s execution to long-time member Irving J. Kaminetsky, serving as commissioner of Sanitary District No. 1, and Hempstead’s Senior Councilman Anthony J. Santino. A contingent from Island Park’s Fire Department served as honor guard, bringing us to our feet, as we lustily sung the National Anthems of Israel (Hatikva) and the United States (Star Spangled Banner), respectively, but, nonetheless, in the wrong sequence, as per protocol adhered by recommendation of the American Legion.

Personable Rabbi Yehuda Septimus, of North Woodmere Young Israel, much younger living outside the area thirty years ago, still captured the essence of the moment, stressing the need to recognize magnanimity in leaders, and appreciation for service in their attempt to enhance the common welfare; how much more so, when the vision encompasses inclusion of Jews and their special sensibilities --- Israel, Zionism!

David Friedman, son of the late Rabbi Morris Friedman, who famously had the President walk to his home for lunch --- meticulously prepared by his wife Adi --- humorously, inviting our mesmerized attention, related his memories of the occasion: the veteran persistence of TV-Channel 4’s Gabe Pressman, with his signature motorcycle making multiple trips from the day the trip was announced until its culmination; the hordes of journalists to be accommodated, willing to scoop up the remains from the dining table which included White House Chief of Staff James A. Baker, III; installation of the ubiquitous red phone, to make for instantaneous response to any emergency; the construction of a temporary helipad in the cleared shopping area, for an immediate evacuation of his pregnant spouse, ready to deliver; the inconvenience to many residents as they abided with a Secret Service requirement to move cars into their garages; and, the curiosity about introducing the President to a Jewish diet, including a sculptured chop liver design that was diplomatically turned down.

Noteworthy at the time was not only the presence of the freshman U.S. Senator D’Amato, disparagingly to be referred as “senator pothole,” for his attention to constituents, and his devotion to the maxim that “all politics is local.” Rather, the sharp contrast between his eclipsed profile (who winningly, and self-deprecatingly recognizes), when compared to the erudite, distinguished Senator Jacob K. Javits who preceded him (we shared the ballot in 1974, along with Republican and Liberal endorsements, and I was proud to have him cheer me on; he won and I lost my bid for the 36th district Assembly seat), and Senator Chuck Schumer, who resoundingly defeated and succeeded him in 2000! In the interim, Senator D’Amato achieved a conspicuous record as chair of the Banking Committee (it is intriguing to contemplate his reaction to the financial meltdown in the younger President Bush’s final years, or the need to rein the more deleterious practices of Wall Street); championed the exodus of Soviet and Ethiopian Jewry, and was relentless pressing the Swiss to release Holocaust-era accounts to their original owners, eventually providing more than a billion dollars to the victims and their families of history’s most heinous crime!

Another man present, as he mentioned, standing in the back of the sanctuary, but listening with apt care for his name was also on the ballot in 1984, was NYS Assemblyman Dean G. Skelos, soon to unseat incumbent NYS Senator Carol Berman, for a seat he still holds, now having rising to the august position of Majority Leader! He was one of the program’s speakers, as was Temple Hillel’s executive vice president Kenneth Fink, 30 years ago an undergraduate at Brandeis University, MA, who keenly felt the import of the proceedings to the south. A treat was to see a vigorous Paul Burton, then Hillel’s president, now a Florida resident, who keeps a framed citation from Senator Skelos in his study, and frequently reminisces about the centrality of the President’s visit to the synagogue’s legacy acquired over more than half-century!

It remained for our guest of honor to offer remarks of wisdom, insight, thoughts to elevate the spirit and, playfully, rhetorically, identify with W’s adherents’ retort to the election of 2008, rehashed in 2012 --- do you miss me, i.e. regret your decision, now? It was not in the proverbial cards, and did not happen. Instead, in the manner of a political rally, he lamented the state of our nation, the need to regret the transgressions of our intelligence agencies who, in the zeal to ascertain perpetrators for the ghastly 9/11 attack, during W’s first Administration, and frantically prevent another, bent Constitutional strictures, including violating the Convention on Torture signed by, yes, President Ronald W. Reagan!

In silence, I sat thinking: would this senator take the time to read his former colleague John McCain’s (R-AZ), Senate floor statement on this issue (himself tortured by the North Vietnamese in “The Hanoi Hotel”), eloquently asserting we are Americans, above employing the enhanced interrogation techniques of our enemies; needless to say, former Vice President Dick Cheney has become the caricature for the unrepentant crowd of defendants of such methods (as in the related problem of capital punishment), which do not deter; besides, much-decorated General David Petraeus has amply demonstrated the efficacy of befriending those suspects, brutality is counterproductive! In the discredited Machiavellian tradition, where the ends do not justify the means, on Meet the Press, the former elected vice president stated “I would do it again in a minute, I have no problem as long as we achieve our objective.”

Arriving after attending and leading Shaharit, morning worship, at Bayswater Jewish Center, whose spiritual leader, Rabbi Eliyahu Ununu, is a fellow thespian with me in the current production of Fiddler on the Roof at this venue, I remained in character and costumed as Avram the bookseller and a Papa, profusely greeting friends, those aforementioned and scores others: Judge Rik Aaron, Harry Bentrani, Ari Brown, Salvatore Evola, Avi Fertig, Keith & Tracey Drayer, Scott & Suzi Goldberg, Eliot Jacobowitz, the father-son combination Rabbis Binyamin and Motty Kaminetzsky, Ira Lillien, Frank Mistero, Mayors George Pappas and Andrew Parise, Bryna & Norman Pernick, Sherman Rothblum, Ruth & Ted Shuster, Renee Trachtenberg, Raoul Vegosen, Alliance/Bernstein’s Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, Howard Willens, Myrna Zisman, among many more. (After today’s matinee, there are performances on Thursday and Saturday, 8 PM, closing with the show’s finale, Sunday, December 21, 3 PM.)

Notably absent was award committee co-chair Victor Spetalnick, who is sitting shiva, the initial seven day of mourning, for his beloved sister. However, given his penchant not to cover Jewish news from the broader than Orthodox world, I extended a handshake to Larry Gordon of the 5T non-Jewish Times, enjoining him to end his exploitive and divisive pursuit of a narrow “business model” that encourages Hillul HaShem, the desecration of His Name. Protesting such perception, he moved on after promising that “we need to talk,” or was it “let’s talk?” In either case, it’s a good start to end our long-standing feud, and provides a welcome example and opening for the Lawrence School District to adopt in diffusing our own unresolved problem!

It remained for Hillel’s Rabbi Steven M. Graber to close with the benediction, protracted, and occasionally overly political, asking G-d’s blessings on us all, a sentiment which be uttered and accepted in unison! Shavua tov, veHanukkah sameach! And, let us always be mindful, that happy is the nation blessed with visionary leaders, compassionate and courageous … Happier such leaders to head such citizenry!

 photo ISL2_zpsb013dcf6.jpg
 photo ISL_zpsd61cb142.jpg


At 1 P.M. on Thursday, Dec. 11, twenty-seven female graduates of TJHS gathered at Henry's restaurant in Delray Beach. The luncheon was opened to anyone who had gone to our high school. Our feelings are, the more the merrier. And how true it was. It was a delightfully cool day in paradise, which is why we either live here or are lucky enough to spend our winters here.

Bonnie (Linden) Berkowitz '61, our newest snowbird, was introduced - after only one week, Bonnie already loves Florida living. I thank Thea for all her hard work. A 'Thank You" to Natalie (Sisselman) Lefkowitz, Eileen (Goldstein) Fisher and Bonnie for distributing name tags. We also had the women who are not in our data base fill out their information so that they can receive invitations to future socials.

Our TJHS friends were greeted and encouraged to mingle rather than sit with the women they already know. Guests were congenial with one another, talked about where they had lived, and a few reconnected after not having seen each other since high school. The food and service were excellent.

At about 3:30, people began to leave; each and everyone of them gave me a big THANK YOU for coordinating the luncheon. They certainly look forward to the next one. I want to thank everyone who attended. We are very pleased to have made new friends.

Our social gatherings have been very special to me. My high school friends now are very important to me. If you live in the southern Florida area or plan a visit, call me two weeks prior to your arrival and a luncheon will gladly be arranged... or call me if you would like to talk - 561-638-3802.

I wish everyone A HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!!!

Irma Sherman Latinsky

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 photo LABCIN_zpsc7474a31.jpg

 photo Al-C_zps1ba0c432.jpg

* AL CINAMON '55 *


A driver over 65 is likely to never drive drunk. Unfortunately, alcohol is only one drug that impairs drivers. Older drivers are the most likely to drive while under the influence of multiple medications. Drugs typically affect people differently at age 60 than at age 20. With age, people tend to gain weight and lose muscle tone, which changes the way chemicals are absorbed. An older body can also take longer to rid itself of drugs.

So if you are taking medication, should you be driving? Most likely, yes. But the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advises that it’s best to be absolutely sure before you get behind the wheel. While most medications don’t affect driving ability, some prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines can cause reactions that may make it unsafe to drive. These reactions may include sleepiness/drowsiness, blurred vision, dizziness, slowed movement, fainting, inability to focus or pay attention, nausea, and excitability.

Driving while on medication can also be a legal issue. State laws differ but in New York driving under the influence of certain medications (prescription and OTC products) could get you in the same kind of trouble as people caught driving under the influence of alcohol.

Knowing how your medication – or any combination of them – affects your ability to drive is clearly a safety measure involving you, your passengers, and others on the road.

Products that could make it dangerous to drive include some anti-depressants, some cold remedies and allergy products, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, pain relievers, diet pills, drugs containing stimulants such as caffeine, or codeine. It’s also important to know that you should never combine medication with alcohol, which would create a synergistic effect (a greater effect than if each were taken separately).

If you must drive, don’t stop taking your medicines unless told to do so by your doctor. Do talk to your doctor or pharmacist about possible side effects of the medicines you take.

It would also be advisable to carry a list of your medications including names and dosages, just in case of an emergency.

 photo LABTEK_zpsa1cacee9.jpg

Please assist us in our effort to maintain a Web presence that performs in the best possible manner. I am here to present you with quality reading material, help navigate your journey through the halls of TJHS and to assist you in re-connecting with long-time friends. Your submissions and suggestions are welcomed! Please direct correspondence to

MISSING GRADS - I've received hundreds of requests to locate your friends. Be assured that each request remains active until the person is found. It may take a day, a month, even a year or more, but we are working diligently to find them. Lend a hand -- alert '61 Jeffersonians in hiding to come-out-come-out-wherever-you-are!

PROFILED BUT NOT REGISTERED? - Please be advised that a profile exists for all students of TJHS 1961 including those “Missing.” If this is your first visit to our web page, please do not create a second Student File. First consult the 1961 Class Directory which is listed in alphabetical sequence by last name. It is accessible at the top of our page within the TJHS 1961 orange header.

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Many thanks to LESTER COHEN for sharing the images you see below. And to think we've been told we can't go home....

Officials and school children lead by Fire Department and band at TJHS school site - May 11, 1922:

 photo TJHSMay111922_zps069840de.jpg

Ground-Breaking Ceremony for Thomas Jefferson High School, 1922:

 photo 3c30ae32-eec5-4b4b-b9ae-630f404c4ceb_zps6c05abba.jpg

The official opening of Thomas Jefferson H.S. on October 28, 1924:

 photo TJHSOpening1924_zps82428850.jpg

Our Alma Mater, as appeared in The Brooklyn Standard Union dated July 5, 1925:

 photo 72fd6ff5-e6b2-4f64-b3f9-5d94f98b65f7_zps6b41b5c7.jpg

TJHS Interior 1948:

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"Thank you so very much for this wonderful site to help people connect again." 12/4/2014

"I want to take this opportunity to let you know that my entire class and I enjoy your hosting. As class admin I have not gotten one single negative complaint. Keep up the good work, and again Thanks!!" 11/25/2014

"Most of the credit for our site goes to your Classreport capability. It really makes creating and maintaining a high school class website easy, even for someone who doesn't know much about html. I'm no expert by far but have learned a lot working on our class website. Thanks to you all for this great website capability." 11/22/2014

"Thanks so much for the website. You folks have rendered a wonderful service to high school graduates all over the world." 11/20/2014

"Love the site!" 11/16/2014

"I must send you a HUGE thank-you for all the different things we are able to do with the tools you have provided. I was able to print out the name tags with pictures on them - big hit! Downloaded a memory book to flash drives and gave out at the reunion. Very easy to work with everything on this website. THANK YOU!" 11/13/2014

"Great Site!!! Thank You!!!" 11/12/2014

"I like the website and I think the committee for our class did a wonderful job setting it up." 11/7/2014

"Thanks to your wonderful site, we had a truly great turnout for our Reunion! This site has been a terrific help!" 11/6/2014

"You all do a tremendous job of keeping our websites running smoothly and making our jobs much easier with this awesome service!" 11/4/2014

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