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Thursday July 31, 2014

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Memorial Board - Edited June 25, 2014
. . .  Continued

Saluting Our Veterans! Updated May 26, 2014
May 26, 2014 - In remembrance and honor of all who have served the U.S. Armed Forces and our heroes who today carry the flag of the USA ... We express our gratitude to you who serve to . . .  Continued

Growing Up In East New York - Updated Feb 23, 2014
Each one of us possesses warm memories from a time in our lives, from that wonderful place we call home: East New York, Brownsville, and all neighborhoods from where we set forth to embark . . .  Continued


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13 Tammuz, 5574 - July 11, 2014
Time to Pause and Reflect

Gathered around the breakfast table, following Shaharit worship, I was astonished to hear a liturgical leader suddenly discharge to no one in particular, a barrage of vituperative comments: "That son of a b...h, the Muslim!" Taken aback, I inquired about whom was such viciousness directed, and he blurted "your President Obama!" Immediately, I requested that he cease, for such remarks are toxic, bordering on racism, his ire rising still, exclaimed that "Rabbi Meir Kahane was right" to have reputedly said "the only good Arab is a dead one."

Regretfully, such sentiments are neither new nor rare in segments of our Jewish community of the Five Towns. My mind races back to a unity rally for Israel at Beth Sholom, during an earlier Intifada, when several of us within hearing distance to a well-known area spiritual leader who expressed the wish "that someone should knock out Arafat!" Fanaticism is the first casualty of decency and sanity, twin attributes that historically have made the Jewish People exceptional. Alas, even Jews can succumb to the wiles of easy solutions to seemingly intractable political problems, and the current spate of violence --- reaching a crescendo with the killings of Israeli teenagers Naftali Fraenkel, 16, Gilad Shaar, 16, Eyal Yiftach, 19, and the Palestinian Muhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir, 17.

However, this morning's front-page article in The New York Times ---Killing of Palestinian Youth Puts An Israeli Focus on Extremism --- must surely give pause, as we contemplate the long-term effects on the moral underpinnings of a population besieged with the existential challenge to the Jewish State; willing, in the fringes of Orthodox society, and in league with right-wing extremist groups which operate with impunity to mete out vigilante justice against innocents. Years later, it is still difficult to assuage the pain of remembering that in 1994 in Hebron, Dr. Baruch Goldstein executed 29 Muslims while prostrated in prayer; and a year later, a yeshiva student, assassinated Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, a taciturn leader who moments before was lustily singing Shir Shalom, the Song of Peace!

The glory of Israel, and our People, is that we eschew coldblooded murder, and collective retribution, and readily offer medical services to Palestinians, even the relatives of their leaders. Thus, the rise of shadowy Jewish individuals allied with alleged criminal elements having a patina of religiosity is a matter of concern, that in no way compromises our connection to our brethren in Eretz Yisrael, our commitment to their safety. Indeed, our son-in-law Peri’s parents were on the receiving line of rockets at Kiryat Malachi, and Anna and I readily defer to their national leadership in determining the course of action to bring lasting security, the better to permit a modicum of longed-for routine, the yearning for "normality."

As Shabbat arrives, let it be a time for reflection. After all, unlike our detractors’ charge, we are not the Chosen People, but the People who chose G-d, and the ones selected by the Almighty to be a Light Unto Nations because we know to follow our better instincts. Let us really do so now, helped by a NEW ISRAELI-ENGLISH NEWS TELEVISION STATION, Online,

 photo ENYV4_zpsbadcc555.jpg

 photo 9930_100636689958407_2936137_n_zps13ddc380.jpg



I didn't know how to take care of myself because my wife did everything for me. When she knew she was dying she said, "We had a great life together, I want you to go on and make a new life with someone else." I lost my wife to cancer.

I was very lonely. All I did was work and make money. I didn't attend parties or go to bars. My sport was fishing - and you don't meet many women fishing. A friend told me about a Online dating site. I went to the service and met matchmaker Jungle Jane. Jane said I would do great... I was a good-looking wealthy man and there was an abundance of available women out there. I joined, completed an application with details of what I was seeking in a woman, and made a video. Jane compiled 20 photos of beautiful women, helped me pick six; sent out e-mails on my behalf, then sent me home to wait for responses.

With no responses after 2 weeks I said to myself, "Self, this is not going to be easy. I might not have any value to anyone." I went Online and put in a request for two additional dates who I thought would be interested in dating me. I sent out two e-mails, then another two. I just about gave up when Jane said "Why didn't you respond to the women that said yes to you?" I said, "An idiot would have known to push the response button! How many women said 'yes'?" "Ten," she replied. I was now obligated to go on these 10 dates. And that's when the dates from hell started.

First there was Squiggly Suzette. Suzette was a lawyer who took over her father's legal practice. We went for dinner and then on my boat. Squiggly Suzette ripped off my clothes and hers, too, and proceeded to rape me. Truly, I was scared and contemplated jumping ship. Matters calmed down and the night ended quickly and safely.

Then came Lascivious Lucy. Lascivious was a beautiful, blond lady. We were dating six week when I found a box of drugs in her bag - then she was arrested for DWI - then I said goodbye.

Triplex Toni followed Lascivious Lucy. Toni made the harshest dictator in history look like a good catch.

Following Triplex Toni was an Oriental gal, half my age. We'll call her Unfortunate Cookie. To impress her, I took Cookie on an exclusive talk-tour to China. As the plane was ready for take-off, Cookie left her seat for the lavatory. The stewardess asked her to be seated until the seatbelt light went off. Cookie sat down for 5 minutes, tried again - and again the stewardess repeated the rules. I explained to Unfortunate that our stewardess was merely doing her job. Then the seatbelt light went off and "UC" rushed to the lavatory. Of course she was last on line and so mad, that she refused to speak with me the rest of the flight. On the way to the luggage ramp she turned to me and said, "Don't you ever take any body's side against mine!" We had a great trip and after arriving home, I never took anybody's side against Unfortunate Cookie's, I just stopped dating her.

I went through all ten dates, the above were the most memorable. I completely gave up on love and moved to my boat. On the dock, quite by accident, I met the love of my life. Annette is a beautiful, successful, smart woman. She is earning all the money. I am doing everything else! I am living happily ever after.

 photo hangin_zps58bc4460.jpg

 photo SheilaBF_zps333ada57.jpg



I love my town, I really do. It has doubled in size in the 30 odd years I've lived here but it still has the small town atmosphere while being an active community with lots going on. We have 5 beaches and a lake/beach, trails and woods and waterfalls, shops and lots of nice restaurants and plenty of historical homes, museums, farms, gyms and libraries. We also have 3 Metro North stations and are within half hour of a dozen wonderful theaters and LLI. Life is good...except in wintertime.

Every winter we get away for a couple of weeks two or three times. It means emptying the refrigerator, hiring cat sitters, packing and unpacking , arranging for parking at the airport and driving an hour and a half or more to any airport. It's tiring. We miss our cats if we're away for too long and the grandkids who live near us as well.

This year we are thinking of buying a place in Florida for winters. We are both very conflicted about doing this; we enjoy our travels and we also know we will want to keep going out to California to see our son and his family. We have a number of friends who bought places down there and sold after a couple of years to stay up here. We also know a number of people who swear it is paradise and that we are missing out big time by not snowbirding.

In a few weeks we will fly down and 'look'. I'm hoping our guts will tell us if it's for us or not. If not, it's not too late to book winter trips for 2015. If it is where we want to vacation, we'll either buy or rent a place. It will be, if nothing else, an interesting next month or so.....

 photo LABCIN_zpsc7474a31.jpg

* AL CINAMON '55 *

 photo Al-C_zps1ba0c432.jpg


A driver over 65 is likely to never drive drunk. Unfortunately, alcohol is only one drug that impairs drivers. Older drivers are the most likely to drive while under the influence of multiple medications. Drugs typically affect people differently at age 60 than at age 20. With age, people tend to gain weight and lose muscle tone, which changes the way chemicals are absorbed. An older body can also take longer to rid itself of drugs.

So if you are taking medication, should you be driving? Most likely, yes. But the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advises that it’s best to be absolutely sure before you get behind the wheel. While most medications don’t affect driving ability, some prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines can cause reactions that may make it unsafe to drive. These reactions may include sleepiness/drowsiness, blurred vision, dizziness, slowed movement, fainting, inability to focus or pay attention, nausea, and excitability.

Driving while on medication can also be a legal issue. State laws differ but in New York driving under the influence of certain medications (prescription and OTC products) could get you in the same kind of trouble as people caught driving under the influence of alcohol.

Knowing how your medication – or any combination of them – affects your ability to drive is clearly a safety measure involving you, your passengers, and others on the road.

Products that could make it dangerous to drive include some anti-depressants, some cold remedies and allergy products, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, pain relievers, diet pills, drugs containing stimulants such as caffeine, or codeine. It’s also important to know that you should never combine medication with alcohol, which would create a synergistic effect (a greater effect than if each were taken separately).

If you must drive, don’t stop taking your medicines unless told to do so by your doctor. Do talk to your doctor or pharmacist about possible side effects of the medicines you take.

It would also be advisable to carry a list of your medications including names and dosages, just in case of an emergency.

 photo ItsPartyTime_zpsf863bfb6.jpg

On a beautiful Saturday night in Delray Beach, at 6:30 on the evening March 22, 2014, forty Jeffersonians gathered at Hunan Gardens. Approximately 30 of the 40 were people I had never met before, graduates from 1945, l951, 1958, 1963, etc. At the entrance to the restaurant, orange and blue balloons swayed in the breeze as a reminder of our school colors. Everyone was thrilled to be there and reminisced about their days at Jefferson and how lucky we all feel to have grown up in Brooklyn, most of us poor but, in reality, very rich. It was a very nostalgic evening for all.

All agreed the food was great and the service excellent. Mingling was a little difficult since we did not have a private room, but on a Saturday night in season in Florida, it's quite impossible to get a private room. Upon leaving at about 9:30, everyone thanked me for organizing the evening, expressed they had a great time and wanted to know when we could do it again. Kidding, I said, how about tomorrow for brunch. Realistically, I will be going to Long Island May 9th and probably won't be back till mid-September. And so the great memories of Saturday night in Florida will have to linger at least till October when I return.

I want to thank Natalie Sisselman Lefkowitz for her assistance and Dolores Rosenhain Geringer, our photographer of the evening. I also want to thank Thea Alpert, our Class Administrator, for promoting the event in various media and for distribution of invitations. And thanks to all who helped make this a memorable night.

by:Irma Sherman Latinsky


Dave Spindell: It was nice being with Thomas Jefferson graduates. They were very warm and cordial and easy to be with. We heard stories about the old neighborhood. All Jeffersonians landed on their feet and are lovely people today.

Judy Fielder Levine: Tonight we went to Hunan Gardens in Delray. This was my last hurrah before our return home. It was lovely and the food was delicious. Didn't know too many people other than Irma, Natalie, Delores, Nancy and my two friends Iris '54 and Terry '52 Tenner. A good time was had by all.

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  Tune in on July 23... Prof. Asher J. Matathias

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Mon 7/21/2014 11:17 AM

  A Born Day Party Thea Alpert

  Happy Birthday to my son Josh. Josh chos

Sun 7/20/2014 2:38 PM

  Suggested Reading Thea Alpert

  I've just completed reading my second no

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  The Oceanside Jewish Center in Oceanside

Wed 7/9/2014 8:35 PM

  Haym Solomon Asher J Matathias

  We have just read this book about Haym S

Thu 6/12/2014 1:27 AM

  The Price of Gas in France Simcha Baker

  A thief in Paris planned to steal some p

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  TJHS now on Facebook with Steve Lasky! Thea Alpert

  Sign up with Thomas Jefferson H.S. on Fa

Wed 6/4/2014 10:20 PM

  Bamba! Bamba! Get your bamba! Thea Alpert

  HEAR YE! HEAR YE! He sold Mickey Mouse

Tue 6/3/2014 10:26 PM

  Take Me Out to a Good Ball Game! Asher J. Matathias

  At the Los Angeles Dodgers (4) vs. Ne

Wed 5/28/2014 8:20 PM

  Memorial Day - May 26, 2014 Thea Alpert

  IN REMEMBRANCE AND HONOR of all who have

Sat 5/24/2014 12:17 PM

  144th Graduation at St. John's University Anna Matathias

  - On this Lag B'Omer, May 18, I took As

Wed 5/21/2014 10:00 AM

  Lawrence L.I. School Board Election Results Asher J. Matathias

  Lawrence L.I. School Board Election Resu

Wed 5/21/2014 9:35 AM

  May 20, 2014 Lawrence School Board Election Prof. Asher J. Matathias

  Lawrence School Board / District 15 Admi

Mon 5/19/2014 1:51 PM

  The Election - South Shore of Long Island Prof. Asher J. Matathias

  The Election - South Shore of Long Islan

Mon 5/19/2014 1:13 PM

  The Game Thea Alpert

  Submitted by Delores Rosenhain Gerringer

Mon 5/19/2014 11:55 AM


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Harriet Ehrlich Trent

ECA: Future Teachers' Club

Married Blll in 1963 and moved to Orlando, Fl. where we started our own accounting firm. Bill specialized in musicians and entertainers. We had a lot fun when Disney opened. My oldest daughter adopted a little boy who is autistic. Jacob is such a blessing in our life. Jena has a boy and a girl, and Craig has three girls and a boy. We also have a great-grandson,Julian.

Bill died in 1990, and David and I married in 1993. I was so fortunate to meet such a wonderful man at that stage of my life. We have been happily married 18 yrs. We moved to TN in 1995 and live on 17 acres. I raise chickens have three dogs and two cats. Who'd of thought a girl from Brooklyn would end up living on a mountain top in TN!



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 Ann Goodman Pirtle  Ann Goodman Pirtle tells us that she broke her arm
 Posted by: Thea Alpert


 For Mag Cinamon  A prayer goes out for Mag Cinamon's full health re
 Posted by: Gary Friedland


 Mag Cinamon's Recuperation  It is heartwarming to hear that Mag Cinamon (wife
 Posted by: Thea Alpert


 Posted by: Gary Friedland


 Prof. Asher J. Matathias writes...  Just received the news of Anna's cousin Zaklin Kon
 Posted by: Thea Alpert


 The Passing of Steven Shopsis  We regret to inform you of the passing of Steven S
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Officials and school children lead by Fire Department and band at TJHS school site - May 11, 1922:

 photo TJHSMay111922_zps069840de.jpg

Ground-Breaking Ceremony for Thomas Jefferson High School, 1922:

 photo 3c30ae32-eec5-4b4b-b9ae-630f404c4ceb_zps6c05abba.jpg

The official opening of Thomas Jefferson H.S. on October 28, 1924:

 photo TJHSOpening1924_zps82428850.jpg

Our Alma Mater, as appeared in The Brooklyn Standard Union dated July 5, 1925:

 photo 72fd6ff5-e6b2-4f64-b3f9-5d94f98b65f7_zps6b41b5c7.jpg

TJHS Interior 1948:

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