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21th Anniversary!
PHS Paseo High School
Kansas City, MO  USA
Sunday July 14, 2024

The Last Time I Looked, the Page Hits was 40,336. What will it be the next time I look? Today is the last day of June, 2023.

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Class News

Carole Lee Morris Surface Dies
Carole Meakin Owsley has let us know of the passing of Carole Lee Morris Surface. Carole Lee Morris died on February 7, 2023. You can find her obituary here: https://www.castfuneralhome.c . . .  Continued

Mary Ellen Ullery Young Passes
Bill Frazier saw Mary Ellen's obituary in the Kansas City Star on February 12, 2023. Here is a link to it. https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/kansascity/name/mary-young-obituary?id=428 . . .  Continued

Jim (CJ) Worden Dies
Being notified by Vicki Loveall Michael that Jim Worden passed this earth on November 8, 2022. His obituary has been included on his Paseo HS profile. . . .  Continued


Glad to see so many turned out for our 60th, no 61st, no the 62nd Class of 1960 Reunion

Yes, we had our 62nd Class Reunion on two nights. The first was held at Tanner's, a casual gathering, and the 2nd was at Cinzetti's, still casual, but a little more upscale.

Following is almost all who attended the Saturday Night Event. Only Leigh Aaron Leary had to leave before this picture was snapped.

Group Photo #05-1

IMG_1944 IMG_1942

Email From Class President Stanley Schlozman

I am dreadfully sorry to miss this 62nd reunion but a succession of medical problems has made me stay close to home. I am now on the mend and should be good to go in a few months. Please give my best regards to our classmates and I hope to attend our 65th in 3 years.

When my kids were little I always told them that wherever they go, whatever they do they represent lots of things, but also Paseo High School. "But we never attended Paseo High School" they would respond. "Don't confuse me with the facts" I would reply. "You are honorary students of Paseo High School as your father is a proud Paseo graduate." Well, at least I tried.

Best wishes to all,


Email From Richard Wholf

Paseo Class of 1960

Greetings Fellow Pirates:

Hope you’re having a wonderful time! Wish we could be there celebrating with all of you. Have no idea how many of you made it to the Reunion, but hope it’s a good number. Since I live in Southwest Colorado, I’ve stayed connected with just a few class members, and checked on others with Facebook.

My partner, Patsy Troutner, and I live in Pagosa Springs, Colorado (which is located on Highway 160 about 1 hour east of Durango, CO, and 1 hour north of Chama, New Mexico) and if you know where that is, you know we live in the beautiful San Juan Mountains. And for you railroad fans, we live halfway between the two centers of historic steam-powered scenic narrow-gauge railroads.

Patsy and I have been together for six years. She’s a ranch-girl who grew up in Lake City, CO, where as a teenager she had her own horse-riding business. She was a dedicated nurse and hospital administrator. I taught school, about 40 years in the KC Mo School District, mainly teaching science and mathematics; also taught at several universities, including Rockhurst, Uof Mo-KC, Univ. of Mo-Rolla, K-State, etc. In addition, while a student in Warrensburg, I was on the volunteer fire department. And when I lived in Lee’s Summit, MO, I was a sworn police officer for a few years.

It was a combination of science, humor, and dancing that drew Patsy and I together. We have many of the same interests. We still like to dance, take photographs, occasionally go out and target-shoot, and while I do watercolor paintings, she does Southwest-style weaving on two looms and is also an incredible baker and cook, who enjoys preparing various styles of cooking from Scottish and Moroccan to Israeli and Southwestern US (and of course, BBQ for this old KC boy!). We love working in our yard.

I am a member of the Freemasons, and both of us belong to the Order of the Eastern Star. In addition to the Pagosa Masonic Lodge, I belong to the Durango/San Juan Lodge, and the Amethyst Masonic Lodge in Creede. We’ve both been local officers also with some state-level positions. I’m a Shriner and drive a “Tin Lizzie” miniature auto in parades. In addition, I belong to the Scottish Rite. I still do a small amount of model railroading.

I have one daughter, two adult grandchildren, and one great-grandson, as well as a few distant cousins living here in Pagosa Springs; another daughter, her husband, and two younger grandkids live in Illinois. Patsy has a lot of family living here in Colorado. One son lives in Colorado Springs, and another son who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and other family members also there. One of her grandsons is a New Mexico State Trooper.

I think this is enough of my rattling on. If you ever get out to the Four Corners area, and can stop, please do so. We know where the good places to eat are, where drinks are cool and good, and even where there are some fun things to do. Wishing all of you a fun time there, many more pleasant, happy and healthy revolutions around our nearest star.


Richard Y. Wholf

35 South Stymie Court, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147-9234

Cell: 970-946-2372, and Patsy (505) 927-9182

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  Douglas Sims, Class of 1963, Passes On Tim Dorr

  The editor was informed by Diane Sims Ca

Tue 12/26/2023 11:49 AM

  It's Something To Do Darold Graves

  As of 16 Sep 23 my thirteenth book was p

Sat 9/16/2023 10:00 AM

  Ken Bradshaw passed away February 13, 2019 Carole Meakin Owsley

  September 19, 1941 — February 13, 2019 K

Mon 2/18/2019 4:57 PM

  Steve Blackburn, husband of Roberta Fray Blac Tim Dorr

  Linda Weed Van Slyke reported that Rober

Sun 9/9/2018 10:45 PM

  Message Darold Graves

  I've moved to the Happy Trails Resort, j

Wed 4/26/2017 5:32 PM

  Art Teacher John Coleman Passes Tim Dorr

  Carole Meakin Owsley informed us of the

Wed 3/8/2017 5:08 PM

  Pat Robinson's Mother Passes Tim Dorr

  It has just come to my attention that Ne

Wed 1/4/2017 10:34 AM

  Message Darold Graves

  Since my last post in June, the change i

Mon 11/14/2016 8:41 AM

  Son of Tim Henry Passes Tim Dorr

  Linda Weed VanSlyke reports of learning

Wed 7/27/2016 4:21 PM

  Rex Owsley Surgery Tim Dorr

  Your prayers are needed for Rex Owsley,

Thu 6/23/2016 11:55 AM

  Delores Bockover Graves Darold Graves

  It grieves me to report that my wife Del

Sun 6/5/2016 5:28 PM

  Boyd Simpson's wife, Marian, passes Tim Dorr

  Recently Boyd updated his profile and in

Sun 3/20/2016 5:07 PM

  Agnes Travalent Passes January 7, 2016 Tim Dorr

  Bill Frazier brought to our attention th

Sat 1/9/2016 2:02 PM

  Pat Robinson Phillips' Husband, Roger, Pass Tim Dorr

  The July 2, 2014 edition of the Kansas C

Wed 7/2/2014 10:06 PM

  Jack I Lobdell Passes Tim Dorr

  The December 8, 2013 obituaries found in

Sun 12/8/2013 11:04 PM


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Patricia Robinson Phillips

Married to Roger for 45 years. Retired from the teaching profession after 39 years. I spend time getting my "Memaw" time in with my grandchildren in Denver and St.Louis. Am also now substitute teaching and have time for the activities for which I've developed an interest through the years: reading, traveling, quilting, woodcarving, and art.

Looking forward to the 50th this summer!


History of Paseo High School

The Paseo Alliance has constructed the first draft of the History of Paseo High School and the KCMO School District. You can click on this link to read a copy of that document, or go to their website at http://paseohighschool.org/paseohighschool/PDF/PaseoHistory.pdf.

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 Death  Lois Irene Petersen, mother of Judy Western Miller
 Posted by: Tim Dorr


 Death  Carole Morris Surfaces husband Don, passed away on
 Posted by: Tim Dorr


 Death  Charlie Barlow's mother Evelyn died on January 28,
 Posted by: Tim Dorr


 Death  Karen Klapmeyer Minter-Smithart's husband, Erlee,
 Posted by: Tim Dorr


 Death  Jack Mallon 8/19/2010
 Posted by: Jack Lobdell


 Death  The January 2, 2011 KC Star posted the obituary of
 Posted by: Tim Dorr


 Death  Barbara Wehrle Newell passed on in Medford, Oregon
 Posted by: Carolyn Chiles Wade




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Art Griffin

Business Website


Paseo Trivia Quiz

1. What was the name of the Paseo Pirate?

2. Name the two drive-ins that students drove back and forth from 47th to 63rd & the Paseo.

3. Name the physical education teacher who left $1 million to JCCC in 1995 to be used for physical education scholarships.

4. Name the dance where the gals asked the boys to attend.

5. Name two Paseo principals.

6. Name two Vice Principals of traffic squad and discipline.

7. Name long serving guidance counselors and office staff.

8. Who is the art teacher who, until a few years ago, participated in local art fairs?

9. Name the dairy at 57th & Troost.

10. What was the official address of the school?

11. Name two drive-ins in the Plaza area.

12. What was the swimming attire for the boys?

13. Name the Paseo newspaper.

14. Where we most graduation ceremonies held?

15. Name the school colors.

16. Complete this line: "On her hill Paseo towers, ..."

17. From the street in front of Paseo High, what is in the median between the stairs leading down to Paseo Blvd.?

18. What was the subject of the mosaic in the front hall of the school?

19. What 1949 graduate was awarded a posthumous Congressional Medal of Honor for his service in the Korean War?

20. What was the name of the amusement park at 75th & Prospect?

21. Name the waterway just north of Paseo High School.

22. Kansas City has the only museum in the world devoted to what war?

23. Name the next three words in the following cheer: "Stand up, sit down, _ _ _."

24. Why was the concrete poured over the Paseo rocks in 1956?

25. Name of the shopping center that opend at 63d between Paseo & Troost when some of us were in high school.

26. What was the name of the ballroom turned roller skating rink at 31st & Gillham Plaza?

27. What was the name of the ballroom turned skating rink turned bowling alley at Linwood & Main?

28. What was the name of the drug store at 12th & Main?

29. 1935 Paseo graduate Gail Shikles was known as ____ _____ in a hit TV series in the 60s? (Bonus point for knowing the stage name of this actor)

30. What Paseo alums returned to teach at Paseo?

31. What was the school motto?

32. Name the original faculty members from the time Paseo was opened who continued to teach when we were students.

Answers to all trivia questions are posted below. Hope you had fun looking back at the "olde" days.

Trivia Answers
1. Jym 2. Max's & Allen's 3. Nell Mitchell 4. Sadie Hawkins 5. Stigall, Bond & Marshall 6. Morris & Curtis 7. Rose McMaster, Ruth Norris, Neva Christine 8. John Coleman 9. Country Club Dairy 10. 4747 Flora 11. Sydney's & Winstead's 12. Nothing (we were skinny dipping) 13. Paseo Press 14. Municipal Auditorium 15. Red, black & gold 16. Fair and strong and high 17. PASEO rocks 18. Pirate Ship 19. Chevy Impala 20. Fairyland Park 21. Brush Creek 22. WWI Liberty Memorial 23. Fight, fight, fight 24. To keep classes from changing what they say (1956 changed to the year) 25. The Landing 26. El Torreon 27. Pla-Mor 28. Katz 29. Peter Gunn (extra points for Craig Stevens) 30. Bill Ross, Mike Montgall, Martha Lappin, Art Davis, Janice Cowan 31. Remember Who You Are 32. Blase, Constant, Franklin, Minckemeyer, Reber, Swinney, Weeks, Wulfekammer
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