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Welcome to the Home Page of TOKAHA!
Absegami High School''''s Class of 1976
The 1st class to attend Absegami for four years after the split from Oakcrest High School

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Class News

Mark J. Seyler - AHS 1976
Mark J. Seyler - 61, of Oceanville, NJ, loving husband and father of two passed away on Sunday, December 9, 2018. Mark was born on December 2, 1957 in Somers Point, NJ, to Sarah and Lawrence . . .  Continued

Glenda Alicia Roberts - AHS 1976
Glenda Alicia Roberts, - 60, of Pleasantville, died Thursday, July 5, 2018, at home surrounded by her friends and family. She was born March 20, 1958, to Alicia and James Roberts in the Bron . . .  Continued

Jeffrey F. Hayes - 59,
of Wilmington DE, passed away unexpectedly on February 12, 2018. He was born in Somers Point, New Jersey, graduated from Absegami High School in 1976 and attended Glassboro College. Jeff wor . . .  Continued


As the years roll by …

Every reunion has a distinct personality, said Cyndi Clamp, president of the National Association of Reunion Managers, a trade group for professional reunion organizers. She describes how things change over the decades.

10th: This is the least well-attended and the most pretentious, with many people focused on how they look, what kind of car they drive and what their date looks like. Because most people are in the same general place in life, many are measuring themselves against their classmates.

20th: With more perspective and life experiences under their belts, classmates care much less about superficial success and are more earnestly curious about how people are doing in their families and careers. The 20-year is the most well-attended and a time when people's paths start to diversify.

30th: The 30th gets more interesting because people's lives are all over the board with divorces, career changes and kids of all ages. Classmates show greater confidence and fewer spouses and guests come along because people don't feel that they need someone by their side.

40th: As retirement nears, people's lives start to resemble each other's once again. There's less drinking and more talking, with conversations focusing on "remember when." People find value in being around others they knew when they were younger because it makes them feel younger.

50th: The golden reunion is the second-most well-attended. There's a sense that this could be the last time you see these people. Plus, people go because they are able to attend. Like the 40th, nostalgia is strong.

Beyond 50th: These are much smaller reunions, and those who do attend are just really glad to be able to be there.

Is Facebook killing the high school reunion?

Rachel Riebow suspects the social networking site is one reason it has been like pulling teeth to get her old classmates to attend their 10-year reunion at Armwood High School in Seffner, Fla. Why bother when you already know what everyone's up to, and can so easily connect with the people you wish to see?

But for older generations, Facebook has helped find missing classmates and drive interest in the reunion. Patti Salvage, who is organizing her 40th reunion at Banks High School in Birmingham, Ala. said reconnecting on Facebook has made her feel close to her old classmates again.

"I got a network of my school friends back together," Salvage said. "Because of that, I'm really looking forward to seeing!"

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  Thoughts and prayers Krackerjack, Dirty

  My thoughts and prayers go out to Frank

Fri 1/12/2018 7:21 PM

  Happy New Year Krackerjack, Dirty

  I hope everybody has a great 2018! I was

Tue 1/2/2018 4:00 PM

  Message Hutch

  Happy New Year 2018 TOKAHA Classmates

Sun 12/31/2017 9:53 PM

  Happy New Year Krackerjack, Dirty

  Happy New Year to all my Tokaha classmat

Fri 12/30/2016 6:54 AM

  Reunion pictures Krackerjack, Dirty

  Craig, do you have photos from the reuni

Wed 10/12/2016 7:17 AM

  A Great 40! Otis, Weez

  Great seeing everyone at the 40th! We st

Mon 8/15/2016 8:14 PM

  Message Grungy

  Cant wait to see all of you on the 13th

Wed 6/29/2016 2:24 PM

  Tracy Fulton Houchens Tracy Fulton Houchens

  I just got done reading Susan Holmes boo

Wed 1/27/2016 10:36 PM

  Earl Fenstermacher is engaged to Carol Mott C Craig Collins

  Congratulations to our friend and classm

Sun 1/3/2016 4:23 PM

  Oahts Oats

  Frank Congrats, now go get Warren Sapp o

Sat 2/7/2015 1:33 PM

  Frank Wesighan - 2013 Judge Stone Award Craig Collins

  Congratulations to Frank Wesighan, the 2

Wed 9/4/2013 9:20 AM

  Condolences Krackerjack, Dirty

  My thoughts and prayers go out to Deb (m

Fri 2/22/2013 5:44 AM

  Mike Reilly Krackerjack, Dirty

  My thoughts and prayers go out to Mike R

Tue 11/20/2012 8:39 AM

  Storm Krackerjack, Dirty

  I hope all of you who still live in Sout

Tue 10/30/2012 9:49 AM

  Hello, Tokahans Bea

  Just landed on the site. Didn't know we

Tue 10/2/2012 10:57 AM


Today's Featured Biography


Tamera Truax Schroer

I can't believe it's been 5 years already since our last gathering in person. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone again. There has been many changes in these past several years.

My oldest daughter, Melanie, graduated from Northern Arizona University with her Master's Degree in Biology in May 2012. She graduated in exemplary standing with a 4.0 average. She returned to New Jersey to the family homestead and begin the farm her grandparents and father loved and worked for nearly 45 years. She named the farm “Cycle Farms” and is presently raising meat chickens, laying hens, turkeys, and pigs. She has chosen to work the farm organically while raising the animals in the fields so they are grass fed and raised without chemicals. She and her boyfriend are partners in the farm business, rebuilt the veggie stand her father and grandfather built 51 years ago and reopened it 2 years ago. She is providing fresh organic eggs and organic veggies and herbs for those interested, as well as the meat. She is truly making her father and grandparents proud. Melanie has also been teaching at Atlantic Cape Community College for 3 years in Biology and Anatomy Physiology. She has been teaching future nurses all they need to know in this area. In August, 2015, Melanie was hired by Stockton University to also teach there in the Biology Department which also includes teaching Anatomy and Physiology as well as the Biology. She is definitely one busy girl with teaching at the University and Community College on top of working the farm. She loves what she's doing and that she can bring the love of learning into her students lives.

My youngest daughter, Rebecca, is now a Junior at Absegami High School and already preparing for her future by looking at colleges and deciding what she would like to be in adulthood. Her first true love is photography. With camera in hand, you can find Becca taking hundreds of pictures in nature, animals, kids, adults, and anything or anyone she is able to photograph. She began her own photography business just over a year ago and loves every minute. Becca's major direction, however, will be in family services, social work and advocacy. She has always had an intense love for children and when she talks about those that are without families and a home she wants to open the doors and take them in. She's also talked about adopting in the future, several children. Her goal is to be able to assist children in foster care and to find them loving,, permanent homes through adoption. Rebecca was a member of the Absegami Marching Braves in her freshmen year, but has only been there to cheer them on and support them the last 2 years so she can focus on her academics. As a member of the 4H program, Becca also open her own business of breeding and raising show and pet rabbits.

I have returned to the classroom again, only this time in a substitute status. I missed the kids and the hustle and bustle of the school setting. In addition, I became an Independent Distributor with Young Living Essential Oils and am expanding my business gradually. I graduated from Capella University in August 2014 with my Master's Degree in Studies of Social and Human Behavior where I began writing programs to educate the public on Mental Illness, specifically Depression, as the focus. I continue writing the programs, some of which are presently under review prior to activating them for presentation. I have also continued writing the book I began several years ago, yet to be named, and am approximately 85% of the way complete. I am looking forward to the day it will be completed and hopefully published.

The girls and I also started the Fred Schroer Jr Memorial Scholarship that is awarded to an Absegami Marching Band Senior each year. Fred's love for music is what he was most known for and he loved bringing that into other peoples lives.

In the last 3 years, our family has grown to include an awesome man, Steve, and his 2 children, Theresa and Nicholas. The addition of Steve and his children into our family has brought laughter, happiness, yes even challenges as we all face in our daily lives, but through it all, I know Fred is smiling down on us and knows, the man he always called “Tractor Man”, (they always spoke at the 4H Fair but never exchanged names), is here to fill a void that was made with his passing in October 2010. Although that hole in our lives will never be filled, Steve has so many of the same qualities and definitely interests that Fred always had. As stubborn as he is, we also laugh because those German traits he shows at times, brings us awesome memories of Fred and our lives together. The healing process continues and I fear will always be something that I will have.

Many changes in this life, but with those changes are lessons learned, people gone, new people come, but what is most important to me is the love I have from God, my girls, Melanie and Rebecca, Steve and the kids, and all my awesome family & friends.

Living Life and Feeling Love is truly a special thing!



Debbie Bull

Bill Champion

Jim Childs

Forrest Conover

Paul Corbin

Barbara Dermanoski

Gerard C. "Jerry" DeVincenzo

Robert Mark Dillon

Brian Falzetta

Bill Ford

Tom Hagerthey

Barry Heuman

Brian Hollenbeck

Ron Kirk

Tom Kranz

Marian C. Leone

Michael Lind

Eric Mayfield

Bobby Mears

Deborah Ann Myers

Tom Newkirk

Laurie Sue Ney

Barbara Payne

Glenda Roberts

Daniel G. Rollins III

Dave Ricci

Debbie Rinkiewicz

John Howard Savell III

Donna Marie Savona

Mark J. Seyler

JoElla Jean Spence

Diane M. Voss

Robert "Bobby" White


Was it only yesterday we said "hi" in the hallway or shared the same class?
Was it only yesterday we "hung out" at the Shore Mall together?
Was it only yesterday we went to the Atlantic Drive-In with our friends to watch a movie?
Was it only yesterday we talked on the phone or crammed for a test?
Was it only yesterday we held our diplomas and said our good byes?
Was it only yesterday we heard of one of our classmates passing?
And thought..."it seems like only yesterday"

Don't let time pass you by. Get involved and support our website and help capture memories for us all to enjoy before they are lost forever...

Cherish Your Friends !!

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 Death  I wanted to let our classmates know that Frank Wes
 Posted by: Rick Krack


 Job/Career  I am proud to announce my daughter, Melanie, was g
 Posted by: Tamera Truax Schroer


 Other  As I think back 41 years ago I remember entering A
 Posted by: Tamera Truax Schroer


 Death  Our thoughts and prayers are with our classmate De
 Posted by: Craig Collins


 Graduation  I am so proud to announce that my daughter, Melani
 Posted by: Tamera Truax Schroer


 Engagement  Mark and Debra Ohnemuller of Sweetwater are proud
 Posted by: Craig Collins


 Death  Frank Wesighan's mother passed away last weekend.
 Posted by: Rick Krack




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